Black men haircuts are usually iconic and timeless styles. However, hairstyles for black men look more modern than ever thanks to the creative touches of talented barbers today. Furthermore, there are a lot of hairstyle options for short, medium, and long hair.

We know that it is hard to tame unruly coarse hair. Of course, It is in your hands to turn your special kinky or coily hair into an advantage by choosing a great haircut. Whichever haircut you prefer, from an afro fade to a frohawk, you’re sure to find the best and latest black men’s hairstyle alternatives in our gallery.

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Modern Haircut For Black Men

Which Black Men Haircuts Are Suitable For Me?

When it comes to hairstyles for black men, you have endless alternatives. Before choosing the most suitable haircut for you, it is useful to consider factors such as your hair length, hair type, face shape, and lifestyle.

Firstly, we can start with hair length. If you are a black man with short hair, a buzz cut and 360 waves may be perfect options. Although the buzz cut is easy to maintain, we cannot say the same for 360 waves. Styling and keeping your hair form require a little bit of effort for this style.

There are many different options such as afro fade, sponge twists, frohawk, high top fade, and box fade for medium hair lengths. Also, it is possible to combine medium haircuts for black men with fade variations.

Besides that, dreads and braids promise unlimited hairstyle alternatives for Afro-American men with long hair. You can use your creativity when you style your long hair.

Physical qualities such as Your face shape and hair type are also important in determining the most suitable hairstyle for yourself. While you are choosing a haircut, you can help from a professional barber.

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Stylish Braids For Black Men

The Best Black Men Haircuts Gallery

If you are a black man who wants a modern and fashionable haircut, we recommend trendy cutting techniques such as fade or taper. Your barber can create amazing results for your sides with a hair clipper. Also, it will look stylish to use scissors cut for the afro hair on the top. Maybe, you can also consider adding a hair design to your hairstyle. Even a simple razor line takes black men haircuts to a next level. Here are the best and newest haircuts for black men.

Frohawk With Temple Fade

Frohawk is one of the most popular black men haircuts. Actually, it is a version of the mohawk. In this haircut, there is a hair strip that has tight curls on the middle of the head. The sides are short. A frohawk can perfectly be combined with a temple fade or a taper fade. Also, if you want, you can add a modern beard for a more manly look.

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Hard Part Haircut For Black Men

The hard part is always a modern and stylish haircut alternative for black men. In this style, the hair is divided into two parts with a razor line. The barber cuts coily hair on the top with scissors in a smooth way. It looks neat and clean. Also, the defined hairline reflects an edgy image. You can prefer a modern fade variation such as low fade or skin fade for your sides.

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Buzz Cut With Skin Fade

Wearing a buzz cut is the best way to deal with unruly hair. When it comes to this short hairstyle for black men, all hair is cropped short. However, it isn’t a boring and monotonous hairstyle. If you want, it is possible to enrich this haircut by adding a fade cut, a sharp hairline, and a stylish razor line. It is suitable for summertime. Besides, this haircut is easy to maintain.

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Stylish Short Haircut For Black Men

If you are a black man who wants a short hairstyle, we highly recommend this very modern and trendy haircut. It looks tidy and fresh. While the top is left long, the sides and the back are faded. The barber uses a low fade in this style. Also, details such as sideburns, hairline, and beard highlight this haircut. We can say that this is an amazing hairstyle alternative for Afro-American or African men.

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Black Man Haircut With Beard

This is a very simple yet stylish and impressive black man haircut. The barber creates a smooth transition on the sides with a hair clipper. The hair length increases a little bit towards the top. The beard is highlighted with defined lines. You can easily maintain and manage this haircut.

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Afro Hairstyles For Black Men

Afro hairstyles are widely used by black men. It is suitable to tame coarse hair. In this style, there is a bulk created by tight curls on the top. Also, you can choose an undercut, a fade, or a taper fade for the sides and back. Of course, it is possible to get a modern look with details such as an edgy neckline or hairline.

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Cool Dreads With Low Fade

Dreadlocks are a perfect alternative for black men with long hair. When you style your hair, you can be creative with dreads. Also, it is possible to use dreadlocks and braids by combining them. In addition, you can add a fade variation to your style for a modern look. However, it is important to visit a quality barbershop for professional results.


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Braids For Black Men

The braid is one of the iconic styles for black men. The most popular braid variation is the box braid. This black man’s hairstyle requires patience and delicate work. But, the results are awesome. If you have hair long enough, you can consider a braid style. Also, you can get a more dramatic look by shaving your sides.

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Iconic Flat Top Hairstyle For Black Men (Box Fade)

The popularity of the flat top, which started in the 80s, still continues today. Of course, box fade is much more modern and stylish now. In this style, the hair on the top has a rectangular shape. The hairline is distinct. The barber gradually tapers the sides for a fade effect. Also, this hairstyle for black men is suitable for various hair designs.

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360 Waves With Taper Fade

360 waves are also known as “360s,” or “spinnas”. It is a signature style among black men haircuts. However, styling may be troublesome. You need a special 360 waves brush, a durag, and wax for creating waves. If you want, you can combine this style with a taper fade. Also, it is possible to add a modern beard to emphasize this haircut.

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Black Man Bun With Dreads

It is a great idea to combine dreadlocks with a man bun. We recommend this style to black men who have long hair. There is a fade on the sides and the back. Also, a part of the hair in the front is cropped short. We can say that this is a modern, attractive, bold, and sharp style.

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High Top Fade Haircut For Black Men

High-top fade is one of the most preferred haircuts for black men. It is suitable for coarse, kinky, and coily hair types. A low fade or mid fade can be accompanied by this hairstyle. You can finish this cut with a stylish beard.

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Sponge Twists With Temple Fade

This hairstyle for black men is stylish and sexy. You need a hair conditioner and a sponge to style the top. It can be beneficial to help a professional hairstylist. Also, it perfectly matches a temple fade. It is also possible to have twists of different sizes.

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Black Man Hairstyle With A Hair Design

Black men hairstyles are very suitable for hair designs. The barber created beautiful curls on the top. The sides are usually shortened with a hair clipper in modern styles. Short hair on the sides is a great canvas for different hair designs. Here is a unique and creative design alternative.

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Modern Hairstyle For Black Men With Tight Curls

If you prefer a suitable haircut for you, you can successfully overcome frizzy and tangled hair. Here is a contemporary and chic haircut for black men. This is a long top and short sides hairstyle like other modern styles. The sides are tapered by a hair clipper with different guards. Besides, the top looks clean and neat.

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Fashionable Black Man Haircut With Hair Color

You can often see different hair color alternatives for black men haircuts. If you have kinky or coily hair, you can consider dyeing it a cool color. This style has blond tight curls on the top. Also, a low fade is preferred for the sides and the back. The shaved sideburns reflect a fresh image.

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Buzzed Skin Fade Haircut With Hair Design For Black Men

A skin fade is extremely compatible with a buzz cut. Here is a chic and sexy style. the barber adds a stylish touch with an amazing hair design. It is a comfy and tidy style.

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Unique Dreadlocks For Black Men

If you are a black man with long hair who wants a unique style, this creative dreadlocks hairstyle may be ideal for you. Dreads create two knots on the top. The rest of the hair is cut very short. The barber finishes this haircut with a low fade.

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Afro Fade For Black Men

This is an amazing afro haircut with a dramatic look. The hair on the top is styled upwards. The sides are shaved. Differences in hair lengths create a perfect contrast. Although maintenance requires some effort, it is a very cool and stylish hairstyle.

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Trendy Black Man Haircut With Taper Fade

The taper fade is one of the most popular haircuts of recent times. It also goes well with those black men haircuts. This is an eye-catching and attractive haircut. We especially recommend this style to black teen boys.

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Geometrical Hairstyle For Black Men

Here is a voluminous afro hairstyle. There is a big bulk on the top. The sideburns and the neckline are faded. Also, the hairline is determined with a trimmer. Before you get this hairstyle, you should have sufficient hair length.

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Modern Box Fade With Hair Color

This is a special haircut for black men. The barber can prefer the clipper cut on the sides. We can say that the skin fade makes this haircut look cleaner and more modern. This style features the hair color on the top and a razor line.

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