Burst fade is a new and fresh fade variation for men. People can easily distinguish it by its distinctive look. If you want a unique haircut, you can visit a barber shop for this signature cut. However, Since the burst fade haircut is not known by all barbers yet, it is beneficial to choose an experienced hairstylist.

A burst fade can be suitable for short, medium, or long hair. We recommend mid and long hair lengths to make this haircut highlight. Also, although the burst fade is usually combined with a mohawk hairstyle, it is possible to mix it with many contemporary hairstyles. Be sure to take a look at our latest and best burst fade alternatives gallery to decide which haircut is right for you.

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What Is The Burst Fade Haircut?

The burst fade is only associated with the sides. There is no fade effect on the back of the head. Actually, this fade variation is exactly around the ears. The barber creates an arch above the ear with a t-liner and provides a smooth transition by gradually shortening the hair above the arch. The result is an upside-down c-shaped fade haircut on the sides. The diameter of the fade effect can change according to preference. In addition, the faded area should be symmetrical on both sides.

A burst fade is often confused with a drop fade. The difference is that the burst fade doesn’t go on toward the back like a drop fade. In this fade version, the neckline can have different styles such as natural, block, or v-shaped.

Besides, you can match this c-shaped fade with lots of hairstyles. French crop, a pompadour, frohawk, caesar cut, quiff, fringe, and Edgar cut are great alternatives that are compatible with a burst fade.

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How To Get A Burst Fade?

First of all, your barber removes the bulk on the sides with a hair clipper. Then, he sets a baseline where the burst fade will start. This semicircular-shaped baseline is around the ear and is determined according to head shape. The barber cleans underneath the baseline with a shaver. After that, he starts to blend the hair upwards by keeping the c-shape. It is useful to use a hair clipper with different guards and lever positions for blending. This process is applied to both sides. After completing the fade effect, he adjusts edgy details such as the hairline with a trimmer. The result is tapered and faded sides.

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How To Style A Burst Fade Haircut?

The styling part is usually about the top. It depends on which hairstyle you choose. However, we can say that you will get better results with scissors. If you want some texture and volume, you can prefer a point cut.

As we mentioned before, the mohawk is the most suitable style to combine with a burst fade. In this hairstyle, the barber narrows the hair at the top and creates a triangle shape. It is beneficial to use blunt cut and point cut together for a cool look.

Of course, you can prefer many different hairstyles to combine your burst fade haircut. Make sure your hair is long enough before you go to the barbershop. Because long hair provides more possibilities for styling.

Besides, when it comes to burst fade, you can have good opportunities for hair designs. We are sure that a freestyle hair design on the faded sides will be seen as stylish and modern.

Lastly, we can recommend some hair styling products like pomade, clay, or gel for a shiny and slick finish. Also, hairspray can help to keep your hair form.

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The Best Burst Fade Haircut Ideas

Fade haircuts are quite popular today. The good news is that you can try many different variations with fade. However, everybody loves unique and rare styles. Therefore, before this style isn’t discovered completely, hurry up and check out the latest and best burst fade haircut alternatives we’ve shared to inspire you.

1. Wavy Side Swept With Burst Fade

The burst fade works well with many hairstyles. Side Swept is one of them. In this style, the barber creates a smooth transition around the ears. Thus, your haircut looks clean and neat. The top is left long, while the sides are short. This hairstyle is suitable for wavy hair. You can style the hair on the top by combing it to one side. Also, it is beneficial to use hair styling products to enrich your style.

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2. Burst Fade With Quiff

Quiff is highly compatible with burst fade as well as other fade variations. There are c-shaped fades on the sides. The nape looks natural. Besides, the top is cut long compares with tapered sides. Your barber can use the point-cut technique to texturize the top. At the same time, this adds some movement and volume to your hair. If you are a man who wants to try a cool and stylish hairstyle, you can consider this one.

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3. Textured Burst Fade Haircut

This is a modern and chic burst fade alternative. If you have wavy and thick hair, we definitely recommend this hairstyle. There is a dramatic contrast between the sides and the top. Also, the faded area adds depth to this haircut. Your barber can highlight your style by sharpening the edges with a trimmer.

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4. Mohawk Burst Fade

The mohawk with a burst fade is an iconic haircut. In this style, the hairstylist creates semicircular faded areas above your ears. If you want, you can prefer a skin fade. Thus it is possible to have a more disconnected look. The hair on the top is cropped from the sides for creating a hair strip that goes on from the forehead to the nape. In this haircut, you can get better results by combining the point cut and the blunt cut. A version of this hairstyle worn by black men is also known as the South of France haircut.

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5. Long Burst Fade Haircut

If you have long hair, you can choose a fade style to have a modern and attractive appearance. The hair on the sides is completely shortened with a hair clipper. Then, your barber blends your hair until your skin is visible. We recommend a fade with a high level for men brave enough. Because you will get a more eye-catching haircut in this way.

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6. Combed Back Hairstyle With A Burst Fade

Here is a stylish burst fade for men with mid-length hair. The faded sides look impressive. Also, If you choose this fade variation, you can wear both slicked-back and comb-back hairstyles for the top. We can say that this haircut is easy to maintain and manage. A hairdryer and a comb are enough for styling. Of course, you can add a slick finish with a few hair products such as clay or gel.

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7. Unique Spiky Mohawk With Burst Fade

This is an extremely unique mohawk fade style. Also, it looks like a mullet hairstyle. This haircut has great contrast. The sides are very short as opposed to the top. There is an arch-shaped fade around the ears. The hair at the top is cut with scissors and styled. In addition, the razor cut can be preferred for this cutting.

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8. Caesar Cut With A Fade

It may be a good idea to combine a burst fade with a caesar cut. Also, you can try a stylish beard for a masculine look. If you have fine hair, your barber can make your hair on the top more voluminous with a texturizing shear. Besides, it is possible to style in different ways your neckline.

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9. Burst Fade With Hair Design

As we said before, a burst fade haircut is suitable for various hair designs due to its shape. Although this haircut is a classic style, the hair designs on the sides and neckline have made it more attractive. If you decide on this kind of fade style, you can be creative about hair designs.

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10. Curly Burst Fade Haircut

It is possible to create amazing haircuts by mixing your curly hair with a burst fade. This style is suitable for men of all ages. There is an asymmetrical bang on the front of the head. Unruly hair on the top has been trimmed well. Faded sides reflect a modern look.

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11. Textured Fringe With Fade

Chopped hairstyles are very trendy nowadays. Also, they perfectly match fade styles. This haircut has tapered and faded sides. The barber adds a stylish touch to the nape with hair designs.

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12. Modern Pompadour With Burst Fade

The pompadour is timeless and versatile. We can say that this hairstyle contains different cutting techniques and styles such as side part style and razor line. The top is styled with a hair dryer and a comb. If you are bored same fade variations, you can change your style by trying a burst fade haircut.


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