Conch piercing is one of the unique and special ear cartilage piercings. It is versatile. This piercing can be worn alone or accompany a curated ear. Also, a conch is very suitable for customization as it has a large playground.

A conch piercing allows for different types of jewelry such as studs and rings. Since there is enough space, it is possible to choose double or triple conch piercing options. We think this piercing would be a nice addition to the extremely elegant ear decorations you see on Instagram. All you have to do is find an experienced piercer.

Read on for all the details you need to know about a conch piercing before you get your ear cartilage pierced. Besides that, we also have shared the best and latest jewelry options to inspire you.

What Is The Conch Piercing?

Conch piercing, which is essentially a cartilage piercing, is located in the middle part of the inner cartilage on the ear. This piercing is named after the conch shell. Because the area where the hole is created looks like the spiral shape of the shell.

When it comes to a conch piercing, there are two types of placement. If the hole is in the upper part of the inner cartilage, it is called the inner conch piercing and is suitable for studs. However, If you want to prefer a hoop as jewelry, an outer conch piercing in the lower part will be ideal for you. The placement may vary depending on the size and shape of the jewelry you plan to use. Therefore, consult your piercer before getting your cartilage pierced.

The good news is that a conch is suitable for almost any ear anatomy. It works well with other ear cartilage piercings. We are sure it will be your favorite accessory for creating different jewelry decorations.

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Types Of Conch Piercing

Double or Triple Conch Piercing

You can customize your look by getting multiple conch piercing. Ear anatomy in this area usually allows you to have more than one piercing. Double conch and triple conch are popular choices. However, if you have such an intention, you should definitely determine the location of the holes with your piercer beforehand.

Inner Conch Piercing

The inner conch is opposite the daith piercing. It is located on the higher part of your conch. It takes longer to heal compared to the outer conch. Inner conch piercing works well with studs.

Outer Conch Piercing

The outer conch is also known as contraconch. It is located on the ridge of the inner cartilage and is opposite the ear canal. This area is called anti-helix too. This type is close to the curved cartilage of the outer ear. Thus, it is compatible with hoops and rings.

How To Apply A Conch Piercing?

If you prefer a reliable piercing shop, conch piercing is easy to do. The hole can be created with a regular needle or cannula needle. Of course, sterilization is the key to avoiding bad scenarios.

Your piercer must wear sterile gloves before the procedure. Then, the front and back of your inner cartilage are cleaned with an alcohol swab. It is beneficial to use a cork or receiving tube to catch the needle. Firstly, the piercer places the cork behind your ear. The needle meets this cork after it has created a hole. After that, your piercer puts the jewelry on the end of the needle and slides it into the hole. Finally, the jewelry is fixed and the process is finished.

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A curved barbell may be a great choice as starting jewelry. If you prefer a ring for a fresh piercing, you can delay the healing because the aftercare routine will be more difficult. Be sure to tell your body modification artist about the jewelry you intend to use. This information will be important while the location of your conch piercing is determined.

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Does A Conch Piercing Hurt?

How much a conch piercing will hurt is largely dependent on your pain threshold. However, the truth is that it is almost certain that it will be more painful compared to an ear lobe piercing.

If you have had a cartilage piercing before, you know more or less the feelings you will experience. Since the conch area is a thick cartilage, people claim that it is a bit more painful. But, this is an instant pain. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much. It is beneficial to focus on the wonderful look of your new accessory rather than how much a conch piercing will hurt.

Finding an experienced piercer is very important for a comfortable process. Also, make sure to choose a reliable piercing studio for a sterile process. If you think your pain tolerance is low, you can ask your piercer if he or she can use an anesthetic spray.

How Much Does A Conch Piercing Cost?

The cost of a conch piercing depends on several factors. If you prefer a famous piercer or go to a central piercing shop in metropolitans, you have to be ready to pay more. Prices excluding jewelry range from $30 to $50 on average. You should add a jewelry fee to the amount you will pay. You would guess that a simple ring and a hoop decorated with diamonds won’t be the same price. Besides that, don’t forget to include aftercare products when calculating the total cost.

Never look for a cheap offer when it comes to a conch piercing. Because your health and appearance don’t deserve a cheap procedure. Therefore, you should always choose a reliable piercing studio.

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Aftercare Process For A Conch Piercing

The biggest risk for cartilage piercings is infection and irritation. Because these undesirable situations delay your healing process and may cause pain or worse health problems. For this reason, it is extremely important to follow a regular aftercare routine for your conch piercing. Thus, you can prevent your wound from any side effects.

You can clean your conch piercing with mild soap provided that you dry the area later. In addition, you can apply a sterile saline solution a few times a day. Besides that, we recommend protecting your piercing from any contact with hair care products and other harsh chemicals.

If you’ve had your conch area pierced, you may need to make a few changes in your lifestyle as well. Firstly, Try not to sleep on the side of your pierced ear for at least a month. Avoid activities that pose a risk of infection, such as pools and hot tubs, for the first few weeks. Don’t touch or manipulate your piercing to prevent irritation and swelling. If you need to touch your piercing, make sure you wash your hands. In addition, be careful when wearing a headband, hat, or headphones. Because they may cause pressure and inflammation.

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Basically, you should keep your piercing dry and clean so it can heal properly. Do elaborative research before choosing a body modification artist. Also, try to strictly follow the aftercare instructions you received from your piercer for your conch piercing. We don’t want that your exciting experience doesn’t turn into a nightmare with scars, infections, or bumps.

Healing Time

The healing time of a conch piercing is almost the same as for other ear cartilage piercings. Also, we can say that this piercing heals later than any ear lobe piercing.

However, a proper aftercare period is crucial for healing. If you follow your aftercare routine without any interruption, you can expect your piercing to heal between 3 to 9 months. Besides, taking care of your overall health and immune system will also help shorten the healing time of a conch piercing. Note that the healing period can take up to 1 year under bad circumstances.

Since everyone’s metabolism is different, healing time varies from person to person. For the best results, what you need to do is follow the aftercare instructions and not try to change your piercing before it’s fully healed.

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Which Jewelry Can I Choose For Conch Piercings?

There are essentially two jewelry options for conch piercings. They are studs and hoops. When it comes to a conch, it’s extremely important to decide what kind of jewelry to wear before getting your cartilage pierced. Because, as we mentioned in previous parts, outer conch, and inner conch piercing are suitable for different kinds of jewelry.

Conch Studs: Studs are comfy jewelry. They are suitable for an initial piercing. Since they will prevent irritation, studs provide a positive effect on the healing process. A stud may have different colors and styles. Also, you can choose a disc or a ball at the end of the studs. This jewelry type usually works well with inner conch piercings.

Conch Hoops: We think hoops are the jewelry that makes a conch piercing stand out. For this reason, they are quite popular. Whether you prefer a clicker decorated with magnificent gemstones or a simple and plain seamless ring, the hoops will take your style to the next level. A hoop is more suitable for inner conch piercings. Also, we don’t recommend it as your first piece of jewelry for a comfortable healing process.

Jewelry Materials For A Conch Piercing

The material of the jewelry you choose is perhaps one of the most important points for a safe piercing experience. If you invest your body, avoiding the expense may not be a good decision. Therefore, it is beneficial to stay away from materials such as plastic, and low-quality metals. You can find the materials you can safely choose for your conch piercing below.

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Implant-grade stainless steel: It is safe and hypoallergenic. Stainless steel is one of the popular materials which is preferred for the jewelry of conch piercings. If you are allergic to nickel, you can turn to other high-quality materials. Because stainless steel contains nickel.

Implant-grade titanium: This material is durable, hypoallergenic, and safe. Titanium may be more expensive compared with stainless steel. However, it is a high-quality option. You can safely choose it for your conch piercing. Titanium is generally accepted as nickel-free. But, if you are ultra-sensitive to nickel or titanium, you may want to consider other alternatives.

Gold: If you go for gold, be sure that it is solid 14K gold. This material is a luxurious choice. It is hypoallergenic and has a low risk of infection at the same time. Of course, you should pay more for this special option. We are sure that your conch piercing deserves that.

Besides that, there are different safe and high-quality materials such as platinum and niobium. All the materials we mentioned are alternatives that you can generally use for a conch piercing with peace of mind. However, If you are very sensitive or have rare allergies, you should be careful while you decide. It may be beneficial to get your piercer’s opinion.

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FAQ About Conch Piercing

When Can I Change My Conch Piercing Jewelry?

We recommend that you wait a minimum of six months before changing your conch piercing jewelry. This time is necessary for your piercing to heal. We know you can’t wait to wear a fancy accessory. However, the key is patience. A piercing may appear to have healed from the outside. Check with your piercer to be sure. Also, if you are changing your jewelry for the first time, it may be a good idea to get help from your piercer. He/she can also give you some tips to do it on your own.

Are Orbital and Conch Piercing The Same?

This is a subject that is often confused. Basically, they aren’t the same. Two separate holes are required for orbital piercing. So a hoop goes through two piercings. In addition, while the hoop in conch piercing is horizontal, when it comes to orbital piercing, it is vertical.

The Best Conch Piercing Ideas

A conch piercing is a spectacular accessory for ear designs. It is possible to wear it as a complementary element when you decorate your ear. There are lots of jewelry alternatives for conch piercings from captive bead rings to curved barbells. We are sure that especially hoops and cuffs will give you a unique look. Maybe, you need a chain or stud by reflecting your style. Before you decide, take a look at the best conch piercing ideas we have shared below. When you find a piece of jewelry you like, all you have to do is choose an experienced piercer.

Deltoid Stone For Conch Piercings

conch piercing 143

Double Conch Piercing

conch piercing 7

Delicate Crown Conch Piercing Stud

conch piercing 9

Colorful Captive Bead Ring For Conch Piercings

conch piercing 43

Stylish Chain For The Conch

conch piercing 36

Minimalist Star-Shaped Conch Stud

conch piercing 120

Seamless Ring For Conch Piercings

conch piercing 13

Pearl Stud For The Conch

conch piercing 141

Amazing Cuff Conch Piercing

conch piercing 22

conch piercing 106


conch piercing 23


conch piercing 8

conch piercing 132

conch piercing 4

conch piercing 100

conch piercing 121

conch piercing 5

conch piercing 70

conch piercing 42

conch piercing 97

conch piercing 6

conch piercing 57

conch piercing 17

conch piercing 116

conch piercing 83

conch piercing 99

conch piercing 136

conch piercing 19

conch piercing 54

conch piercing 11

conch piercing 82

conch piercing 18

conch piercing 25

conch piercing 20

conch piercing 62

conch piercing 135

conch piercing 21

conch piercing 60

conch piercing 26

conch piercing 24
conch piercing 27
conch piercing 28
conch piercing 29
conch piercing 30
conch piercing 31
conch piercing 32
conch piercing 33
conch piercing 34
conch piercing 37
conch piercing 38
conch piercing 39
conch piercing 40
conch piercing 41
conch piercing 44
conch piercing 45

conch piercing 119

conch piercing 46
conch piercing 47
conch piercing 48
conch piercing 49
conch piercing 50
conch piercing 51
conch piercing 52
conch piercing 53
conch piercing 56
conch piercing 58
conch piercing 59
conch piercing 61

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conch piercing 63
conch piercing 64
conch piercing 65
conch piercing 66
conch piercing 67
conch piercing 68
conch piercing 69
conch piercing 71
conch piercing 72
conch piercing 73
conch piercing 74
conch piercing 75
conch piercing 76
conch piercing 77
conch piercing 78
conch piercing 80
conch piercing 81
conch piercing 85
conch piercing 86
conch piercing 87
conch piercing 88
conch piercing 89
conch piercing 90
conch piercing 91
conch piercing 92
conch piercing 93
conch piercing 94
conch piercing 95
conch piercing 96
conch piercing 101
conch piercing 102
conch piercing 103
conch piercing 104
conch piercing 105
conch piercing 107
conch piercing 108
conch piercing 109
conch piercing 110
conch piercing 111
conch piercing 112
conch piercing 113
conch piercing 114
conch piercing 115
conch piercing 117
conch piercing 118
conch piercing 122

conch piercing 55

conch piercing 123
conch piercing 124
conch piercing 125
conch piercing 126
conch piercing 127

conch piercing 3

conch piercing 15

conch piercing 128
conch piercing 129
conch piercing 130
conch piercing 131
conch piercing 134
conch piercing 137
conch piercing 138

conch piercing 16

conch piercing 10

conch piercing 139
conch piercing 140

conch piercing 14

conch piercing 133

conch piercing 142