Contrary to some prejudices, curly hair is actually a blessing. Because thanks to curly hairstyles for men, you can have a stylish, sexy, and impressive look without much effort. All you have to do is find a professional barber shop.

Of course, we don’t claim that maintenance and hair styling is very easy. There are some difficulties to tame your curls and locks. However, it is possible to overcome frizzy, tangled, and unruly curly hair with a suitable curly haircut for men.

We think curly-haired men are lucky from the point of style. Because curly hair offers huge diversity. You can have limitless options from springy and loose curls to small ringlets. Be sure to check out our gallery of the newest curly hairstyles for men for some inspiration.

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Are Curly Hairstyles Suitable For Me?

The first step to having curly hairstyles for men is long enough curls. If you have straight or wavy hair, you can try the perm for awesome curls.

Because curly hair is so versatile, we’re sure you’ll find a haircut suitable for any occasion. You can choose tidy locks for professional business life, or you can go after experimental and marginally curly hairstyles for daily use.

Also, curly hairstyles for men are suitable for any face shape too. If you have a long face, you should avoid voluminous and fluffy locks on the top in order not to add extra length. Short curled hair will be fit for you. Men with oval or rounded faces can try long and wild curls.

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Best Curly Hairstyles For Men Gallery

Bouncy locks, messy curls, and tight ringlets are ready for stylish curly hairstyles for men. It is time to choose a style that suits you now. We have rounded up the best and latest curly haircuts for men in one gallery to help you decide. Don’t wait any longer to make your choice.

Classic Curly Hairstyle For Men

If you are a man who likes classic and regular curly hairstyles, this style may be ideal for you. In this hairstyle, the sides are shorter than the top. The barber applies a scissors cut for this hair form. If you properly maintain your curls, it is possible to avoid tangled curls and frizz. Also, you can get a slick and shiny look by using some hair styling products like wax or hair spray.

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Modern Curly Hairstyle With Undercut

There are many modern curly hairstyles for men that are created by talented barber crews. Here is a stylish choice for voluminous curls. The barber leaves a hair bulk for styling on the top. Besides that, The sides and the back may be short, faded, or cropped. Thus, you can have a great contrast. While scissors are used for the crown, a hair clipper can be preferred on the sides. Details such as a razor line, hairline, and beard enrich this curly style.

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Stylish Tight Curls With Rough Beard

If you are a man with tight curls, this curly hairstyle is fit for you. It has a cool, stylish, and contemporary look. The sides are cut with a hair clipper. In addition, the curled hair on the top is styled with scissors. There is an asymmetrical bang on the forehead. You can complete your appearance with a rough beard. In this way, a masculine and bold look will become strong.

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Curly Hairstyle For Men With Low Fade

Curly hair gives you limitless styling options. Thus, it is possible to use your imagination. This is a long top and short sides curly hairstyle for men. Also, large curls on the top create a flashy fringe in the front. The barber prefers a low fade on the sides. There is a smooth transition from down to top. It reflects a clean and fresh look. In contrast, on the top, bushy and voluminous curls get attention.

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Curly Hairstyle With Burst Fade

Curly hairstyles for men work well with a burst fade. It looks chic, modern, and eye-catching. The sides are tapered and faded. Your barber can use the choppy cut on the top for definition and movement. Also, there is a hair design on the nape of the neck. If you use a quality shampoo and hair conditioner, you can have healthy-looking curls.

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Short Curly Hairstyle For Men

Curly haircuts for men are compatible with short hair. If you want a neat, clean, and tidy look, we suggest you try a short curly style. In this style, the sides are gradually tapered for creating a contrast. the barber creates a fade effect by using different hair clipper guards and lever positions. There is a smooth transition between different hair lengths. The hair on the top is left longer than the sides. The barber can apply the blunt cut technique to equalize hair lengths. This curly haircut is suitable for any environment.

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Messy Curly Hairstyle For Men With Skin Fade

This messy curly hairstyle is perfect for young men. Firstly, there is a messy, tangled, and curled hair bulk on the top. The barber can use different hair-cutting techniques such as point cut, blunt cut, and razor cut for styling. Also, the fringe covers the forehead. Besides that, the sides are cut extremely short. A skin fade can emphasize this curly hair. We can say that managing and maintenance for this hairstyle is a little bit challenging. Also, we recommend that you find a professional barber shop.

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Chic Curly Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Curly hairstyles are always energetic, lively, and attractive. Although they require intense hair care, their flashy and impressive looks are worth the effort. This curly hair is a modern, clean, and tidy style. You can style it with a comb. Furthermore, you don’t have to use any hair products. The top is longer compares with the sides and the back. Also, the sides are faded. We can say that the skin is clearly visible.

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Natural Curly Hairstyle For Men With Large Curls

If you are a man with curly hair, you are very lucky. Because you can get extremely hot curly hairstyles without even going to the barbershop. Of course, you can visit your hairstylist periodically to trim your hair. Here is a remarkable natural curled hair. It has large and voluminous curls. If you don’t have curls, it doesn’t matter. You can try perm.

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Disheveled Curly Hairstyle For Men With A Razor Line

You can turn your tight ringlets into an advantage by choosing a suitable curly haircut. Thus, it will be easy to overcome frizzy and tangled curls. First of all, you can consider a fade or undercut variation for your sides. These are modern and trendy cutting styles. Also, it is possible to highlight your look with a few touches such as a razor line. Since your sides are short, it will be easier to deal with the maintenance and management of only your hair on the top.

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Curly Hairstyle For Men With Fringe

Fringe is a great option for curly-haired men. In this curly haircut, locks falling on the forehead reveal an impressive and sophisticated look. Also, the fringe perfectly matches with a low fade. The sides are tapered with a hair clipper and shaver. If you want you can also consider the perm process.

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Curly Hair With Hair Design

This curly hairstyle is suitable for thick and medium-length hair. There is bushy and voluminous hair on the top. The sides are progressively shortened with a hair clipper. A large razor line on the sides gives a character to this curly hairstyle for men. Also, a trimmed and defined hairline with a t-liner enriches these lovely curls.

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Blunt Curly Haircut For Men With Fade

The blunt cut is widely used for curly haircuts for men. It looks neat and edgy. Faded sides highlight the top. You can prefer different fade variations such as low, mid, or drop fade on the sides. The curls on the top is styled with scissors. Also, faded sideburns and the nape offer a clean and fresh view.

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Long Curly Hairstyle For Men

Curly hairstyles for men are also suitable for long hair. Bouncy and natural curls and locks present an attractive and sexy look. Also, details such as razor lines, and shaved sideburns emphasize this dapper style. The taper fade is always a good choice for curly-haired men.

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Modern Curly Haircut For Taper Fade

If you are a man with curly hair, taming your hair may be a struggle. Therefore, this kind of curly hairstyle will be easier to control the unruly curls. This is a sharp, stylish, and fashionable curly hairstyle for men. All the hair is trimmed with scissors. Also, the barber defines a clear hairline with a trimmer. Shaved sideburns add a modern touch to this style. Besides that, it is possible to reinforce a manly appearance by wearing a chic beard.

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Tight Curly Hairstyle For Men With Temp Fade

If you are a man who wants tousled curly hair, it is time to use your small and tight ringlets. This style has a significant bang. The sides are short and faded. Also, wild and thick curls can add texture and dimension to your haircut. Don’t neglect your hair care for a bright and healthy appearance. In addition, a stubbly beard can be a complementary element for this image.

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Mannish Curls With Skin Fade

There are a lot of men’s curly hairstyles for different types of curls. If you have small ringlets, this haircut can be suitable for you. The barber uses the scissor cut for the thick curly hair on the top. Also, the sides are tapered. Variations such as low fade, skin fade or mid fade can be combined well with this hairstyle.

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Unique Curly Hair With Cropped Sides

Long top short sides styles perfectly match curly hair. This is a stylish, sophisticated, and special curly haircut. There are curls on the top for hair styling. Cutting techniques such as the scissor cut, point cut, and blunt cut are used in combination. The barber crops the sides gradually and creates a modern finish with a fade.

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Wild Curly Hairstyle For Men With A Bang

When curly hairstyles for men are reinterpreted by skilled barbers, amazing results emerge. This is noticeable, seductive, and fascinating curled hair. There is a low fade on the sides and the back. Also, the locks start from the crown area and go all the way to the front of the head and drop on the forehead. Fringe has a cool look. This haircut is suitable for casual use. If you want you can enrich this style by using some hair styling products such as pomade, clay, and gel.
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Messy Curly Haircut For Men With Low Fade

The fade effect adds a fresh look to this curly haircut. Also, shaved sideburns and a clear hairline excellently complete this style. While the sides and the back are short, the top is left long. There are voluminous curls on the top. Curly hair covers the head like a hat. If you wish, you can upgrade this hairstyle with a modern beard. We recommend this curly style to all men.

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Jewfro Hairstyle For Men

In short, we can say that jewfro is the Afro style of curly-haired men. In this curly hairstyle, the entire hair consists of voluminous and bushy curls. It looks quite natural, cool, and sexy. This style doesn’t require frequent barber visits and effort to prepare. You can start to use it after waking up without any styling. However, maintenance and hair care may b very important to avoid frizzy and tangled locks.

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Voluminous Curly Haircut With Taper Fade

Curly hair and taper fade is a perfect duo. Curly-haired men from all over the world prefer the taper fade style for a modern hairstyle. In this haircut, the sideburns and the nape of the neck are faded. It gives a clean, neat, and chic look. Different hairstyles and haircut techniques can be chosen for the top. Also, you can bring your look to the next level with a mannish beard.

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Long Curly Haircut For Men With Undercut

Undercut is a timeless and popular hair-cutting technique. Furthermore, it is very compatible with curly hairstyles for men. In this style, the sides and back are cut short. On the other hand, the top is pretty voluminous and texturized. Short, skin-level sides convey an edgy and sophisticated look. Besides, the beautiful curls on the top are eye-catching and cool. You can have healthy, shiny, and vibrant hair with a good shampoo and hair conditioner.

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Trendy Curly Hairstyle For Men With Temp Fade

Curly hairstyles create a good combination with a temp fade. The barber applies a fade effect on the temple area with the clipper cut. The top is long. The choppy curls on the top go on to the nape. It looks natural and trendy. You can complete your style with a spectacular beard.

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Unique Curly Hairstyle With Hair Design

Curly hair is a great playground for hair designs. Here is an amazing hair design version. There is a hair strip consisting of wide curls at the top. Also, the sides are cut very short for the hair design. The barber performed delicate and detailed work with a hair clipper on the sides. This is a freehand technique. If you are a man who wants this kind of curly hairstyle, we strongly recommend that you find a barber who is an expert in hair design.

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