Daith piercing has always been among the trendy ear piercings since its emergence. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance and variety of jewelry, it is one of the indispensable body modification options for piercing lovers.

The daith piercing, which adorns the ears of celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Zoë Kravitz, also stands out with the sharing that it reduces migraine and anxiety symptoms.

You can combine a daith piercing with other ear piercings such as rook, helix, or tragus. Customization is entirely up to your style and creativity.

Lastly, we should say that this piercing may not be suitable for every ear anatomy. Your piercer can consider whether your inner cartilage is suitable for this piercing variation. Don’t worry, there are many options to pierce an ear. Before you get a daith piercing, take a look at our definitive guide to this ear piercing. You will find all the answers you are wondering about in this article. There are also amazing piercing jewelry ideas.

What Is The Daith Piercing?

Daith piercing is one of the popular ear piercings. It is located on the inside of the ear. In other words, the piercer places the jewelry on the inner cartilage of your ear. The bottom of the piercing comes through the ear canal and the top of the piercing goes through the ridge that is right above the ear canal. A daith is located just below the forward helix piercing.

Daith piercing, which has its origins in Jewish culture, was introduced to the piercing community by Erik Dakota. This piercing was presented to piercing enthusiasts in Body Play magazine in the early 90s.

A daith piercing has many advantages. Since it is located on the inside of the ear, it is sheltered and easy to hide compared to other ear piercings. Besides that, allegedly it is good for migraine pain.

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How To Apply A Daith Piercing?

Every piercer has a different style. However, a daith piercing is typically pierced with a curved needle or cannula needle. Piercing is always done with the freehand technique. It is absolutely not appropriate to use a gun.

The piercer first cleans your ear with an alcohol swab. Then, a receiving tube is placed underneath the ridge to catch the needle. Thus, while the needle goes through, it can’t poke any other part of the ear. Also, a curved needle can make easier the process. Your daith is pierced until you inhale and exhale.

After the needle goes through the hole, the piercer put the jewelry to the end of the needle and slides it towards the hole. He or she completes the daith piercing process by securing the jewelry. In addition, using forceps to control the jewelry will provide ease.

Does A Daith Piercing Hurt?

The pain level of a daith piercing varies quite a lot for different clients. How much it hurts depends largely on your pain tolerance. However, it is important to choose an experienced body modification artist for a more comfy experience.

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Piercing lovers who pierce their cartilage describe the pain of a daith piercing as pressure on the overall ear. Also, many people complain about the sound of the crunch more than the actual pain.

The daith is a thick cartilage of the ear. Therefore, we think your concern is justified. However, to be honest, we really don’t know how much it will hurt to get your ear pierced. Because your experience will be truly unique to you. If you have decided, be brave and explore how painful a datih piercing is on your own. The aesthetic look you will get will be worth it.

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How Much Does A Daith Piercing Cost?

The price of a daith piercing is usually no different from other cartilage piercings. The cost will vary depending on the popularity of the piercer and the location of the piercing studio.

You can expect to pay between $30 and $80 excluding jewelry. Maybe, the price may be more expensive. But, you shouldn’t tend to consider cheaper offers. Because your body is a good investment.

You will need to add the jewelry fee to the amount you will spend. It isn’t so hard to guess that a simple hoop won’t be the same price as a ring decorated with crystal gemstones.

Aftercare Process For A Daith Piercing

The aftercare process is very important for proper healing. Also, you can protect your fresh piercing from infections and irritations by following aftercare instructions.

It is normally enough to clean your daith piercing with a saline solution and paper towel twice a day. If you want to speed up the healing process, you can also get advice from your piercer for a high-quality aftercare spray.

Avoid touching your piercing as much as possible. Actions such as twisting, playing, or touching may delay the healing of your piercing by causing irritation. Besides that, you should protect your piercing from any contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes, beauty, and hair products.

Although a daith piercing has protection because it is located on the inside of your ear, still try not to sleep on it. In addition, If you apply pressure to your piercing with tools such as earphones, earbuds, or stethoscopes, this may be caused irritations and many other problems. You should be careful about things that can snag on your piercing, such as towels, pillowcases, and hats.

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Healing Time

The state of your immune system and how well you follow aftercare instructions will affect how long it will take for your piercing to heal. A daith piercing typically takes approximately 6 to 9 months to fully heal. If there are conditions such as irritation or infection, this period may extend up to 1 year.

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Don’t worry, you don’t experience unwanted symptoms during the whole period. However, if you leave your aftercare routine early, this can slow down the healing process. Lastly, it is beneficial to not change or not remove your jewelry before your piercing fully heals.

Daith Piercings For Migraines

It is a highly controversial topic. According to some individuals who have a daith piercing, this cartilage piercing reduces migraine pain and even cures migraine completely. However, there is no scientific research to prove this effect.

The healing properties of a daith piercing are based on the claim that this piercing passes through an acupuncture point which relieves migraine pain. Besides that, it may just be a placebo effect too.

Since it isn’t based on any tangible scientific evidence, we recommend that you don’t have great expectations for migraine treatment with a daith piercing. Of course, If you think that this body modification is suitable for you, you can go for it. It will be a really nice surprise if you get any benefits related to treating your migraine.

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Which Jewelry Can I Choose For Daith Piercings?

When it comes to daith piercings, there are unlimited jewelry options from simple hoops to opals and crystals. It is usually preferred 16 gauge jewelry. Many piercers use a curved barbell as starting jewelry. However, it is not very visible. Also, you can experience some difficulties when you change or clean it.

  • Circular Barbell: This may be a great starting piece of jewelry for a daith piercing. There are two beads at both ends. You can remove it by unscrewing one of the beads.
  • Captive Bead Ring: It is a hoop that has a ball in the center. Captive bead rings are very suitable for daith piercings.
  • Seamless Ring: If you want a delicate and stylish look, you can choose seamless rings. You can choose this jewelry option after your daith piercing has fully healed. Since a seamless ring is twisted open, you may need help from your piercer to change it.
  • Clicker Earring: These jewelry have a clicking mechanism. Therefore, you can wear or remove it easily. A clicker can be decorated with gemstones. We recommend that you try this jewelry alternative after your piercing has healed.

Jewelry Materials For A Daith Piercing

You can consider materials such as implant-grade stainless steel, titanium, niobium, and gold for daith piercing jewelry. These materials are hypoallergenic and safe. However, If you are allergic to nickel, you should avoid stainless steel. Also, gold jewelry must be solid 14k gold. Besides that, it is possible to prefer different color options and styles with these materials.

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Definitely stay away from cheap jewelry for any piercing. Materials such as plastic or low-quality metal can cause different problems and delay your healing process.

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FAQ About Daith Piercing

How To Change Your Daith Piercing Jewelry?

You should wait until your daith piercing is fully healed before changing your jewelry. It is best to be patient for about 6 to 9 months. However, if you think this period is long, make sure it has been at least 3 months since you had your cartilage pierced and consult your piercer about whether your piercing is suitable for changing jewelry.

If this is your first time changing your daith piercing jewelry, you may need to seek professional help from a body modification artist. Because this cartilage is a little bit challenging. In this way, you can also get some advice on how to change your jewelry on your own.

If you decide to do it alone, don’t forget to clean the piercing area before and after the procedure. In addition, make sure to wash your hand before touching the jewelry.

What Are the Side Effects of a Daith Piercing?

You can prevent many side effects of the daith piercing by following aftercare instructions and choosing jewelry made of high-quality materials.

Here are the side effects:

  • Infection: Cartilage piercings are often prone to infection. You can minimize the risk of infection by properly cleaning your daith piercing.
  • Piercing Bumps: It is one of the most common side effects of cartilage piercings. It is usually caused by trauma, poor hygiene, or irritation. The good news is that most bumps go away with proper care. You can get more detailed information from your piercer.
  • Rejection: Because a daith piercing is deep enough, rejection isn’t a very common side effect.
  • Keloid: They are permanent and thick scars. These bumps, which are very difficult to treat, can occur after any trauma. A pierced cartilage can also cause trauma. If you have never had a keloid before, or you don’t have a family history of keloids, your risk of growing a keloid is very low.

The Best Daith Piercing Ideas

Daith piercings offer endless jewelry options for piercing enthusiasts. Whether you choose a heart-shaped ring or a stunning crystal hoop, this piercing is a great way to express your character and style. However, it can be difficult to decide after you go to a piercing studio because there are so many options. Therefore, we have gathered the best and latest daith piercing jewelry ideas for you and prepared the biggest gallery to inspire you.

Captive Bead Ring For Daith Piercings

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Daith Piercing Clicker With Gemstones

daith piercing 9

Stylish Daith Ring With A Crystal

daith piercing 5

Double Daith Piercing

daith piercing 11

Heart-Shaped Ring For Your Daith

daith piercing 43

Circular Barbell For Daith Piercings

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Opal Stone For Your Daith

daith piercing 19

daith piercing 25

daith piercing 39

daith piercing 10 daith piercing 4

daith piercing 36

daith piercing 37 daith piercing 7

daith piercing 33 daith piercing 13 daith piercing 15 daith piercing 16 daith piercing 17 daith piercing 18 daith piercing 20 daith piercing 21 daith piercing 22 daith piercing 23 daith piercing 24 daith piercing 26 daith piercing 27 daith piercing 28 daith piercing 29 daith piercing 30 daith piercing 31 daith piercing 32 daith piercing 34 daith piercing 35 daith piercing 38 daith piercing 40 daith piercing 41 daith piercing 42 daith piercing 44 daith piercing 45 daith piercing 46 daith piercing 47 daith piercing 48 daith piercing 49 daith piercing 50 daith piercing 51 daith piercing 52 daith piercing 53 daith piercing 54 daith piercing 55 daith piercing 56 daith piercing 57 daith piercing 58 daith piercing 59 daith piercing 60 daith piercing 61 daith piercing 62 daith piercing 63 daith piercing 64 daith piercing 65 daith piercing 66 daith piercing 67 daith piercing 68 daith piercing 69 daith piercing 70 daith piercing 71 daith piercing 72 daith piercing 73 daith piercing 74 daith piercing 75 daith piercing 76 daith piercing 77 daith piercing 78 daith piercing 79 daith piercing 80 daith piercing 81 daith piercing 82 daith piercing 83 daith piercing 84 daith piercing 85 daith piercing 86 daith piercing 87 daith piercing 88 daith piercing 89 daith piercing 90 daith piercing 91 daith piercing 92 daith piercing 93 daith piercing 94 daith piercing 95 daith piercing 96 daith piercing 97 daith piercing 98 daith piercing 99 daith piercing 100 daith piercing 101 daith piercing 102 daith piercing 103 daith piercing 104 daith piercing 105 daith piercing 106 daith piercing 107 daith piercing 108 daith piercing 109 daith piercing 110 daith piercing 111 daith piercing 112 daith piercing 113 daith piercing 114 daith piercing 115 daith piercing 116 daith piercing 117 daith piercing 118 daith piercing 119 daith piercing 120 daith piercing 121 daith piercing 122 daith piercing 123 daith piercing 124 daith piercing 125 daith piercing 126 daith piercing 127 daith piercing 128 daith piercing 129 daith piercing 130 daith piercing 131 daith piercing 132 daith piercing 133 daith piercing 134 daith piercing 135 daith piercing 136 daith piercing 137 daith piercing 138 daith piercing 139 daith piercing 140 daith piercing 141 daith piercing 142 daith piercing 143 daith piercing 144 daith piercing 145 daith piercing 146 daith piercing 147 daith piercing 148 daith piercing 149 daith piercing 150 daith piercing 151 daith piercing 152 daith piercing 153 daith piercing 154 daith piercing 155