The dydoe piercing is very popular today. Undoubtedly, we can say that there are recent social media posts behind this trend. Especially the video named “the most painful piercing is double dydoe” made by a TikTok user was watched a lot.

This male genital piercing is a freehand work that is usually performed with piercing instruments such as piercing needles. Therefore, it is for men who are brave and know what they want. Absolutely, a dydoe looks extremely cool, unique, and masculine. We will try to answer your all questions about dydoe piercing in this post.

What Is The Dydoe Piercing?

Dydoe piercing is one of the genital piercing types for men. In this piercing style, piercers create a fistula that goes through the ridge of the glans. The fistula, which starts from the lower edge of the head of the penis, may continue until the middle of the glans, where a second hole is opened. Dydoe isn’t a single-point piercing such as dermal piercings.

Also, a dydoe is suitable for double and triple use. Sometimes, piercing enthusiasts can want a few dydoes on around the heads of their penises. This style is also known as “king’s crown” If you are interested in extreme body modification, you can try a deep dydoe. In this type of piercing, one end of the jewel exits near the tip of the penis instead of the middle of the glans. It is called Zephyr.

Dydoe has joined the piercing community with experienced piercing master Doug Malloy from the USA. There are claims that it was invented by a group of Jewish students to increase sensitivity in circumcised men.

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daydoe piercing 1
Dydoe Piercing Jewelry

Double Dydoe Piercing

Dydoe piercing is often used in pairs. In double-dydoe piercing, piercing artists create two fistulas that are parallel to each other on the head of the penis and use two pieces of barbell jewelry. It looks like a mushroom pierced by two sticks.

Is A Dydoe Piercing Painful?

Unfortunately, we can say that dydoe piercing is one of the most painful piercing styles. It is really tough. A penis glans contains nerves and dense capillaries. Therefore, it is an area where the pain threshold is the lowest in the male body.

If you’re bold and strong enough, there’s no reason to run from a dydoe. Of course, some anesthetics will help reduce the pain you feel during the piercing process. Also, you can consult an experienced piercer for a more comfortable procedure.

Is A Dydoe Suitable For Me?

How fit you are to get a dydoe piercing depends on many factors. First of all, the dydoe application is closely related to your penis anatomy. The length, thickness, or diameter of your glans directly affects the results. In addition, you should have a proper coronal ridge. Therefore, you should ask a professional piercer whether your penis anatomy is suitable for this type of piercing.

This piercing may not be a good choice for uncircumcised piercees. Because the moist mucosa under the foreskin will increase the chances of migration and rejection.

Besides, before getting a dydoe piercing, it is beneficial to consider your lifestyle. Your genital area is one of the most private areas on your body. For this reason, you shouldn’t worry about people can have a negative reaction to your piercing.

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The last topic is pain level. As we mentioned before, dydoe is very painful. If you can overcome this pain, we recommend you try this piercing.

Which Piercing Jewelry Can Use For A Dydoe?

When it comes to a dydoe piercing, body modification artists typically use a straight barbell as jewelry. The thickness of this flat barbell is often around 12 gauge. However, the thickness may vary from person to person. The length and ball size will depend on your penis size.

Besides that, it is also possible to use curved barbells and banana bars for a dydoe. But, we know that ring piercing jewelry such as plain metal captive rings is not recommended for comfortable use. Also, rings will increase the risk of rejection.

Aftercare Process For A Dydoe Piercing

A dydoe healing can relatively be fast. Because the glans of the penis is an area with many capillaries. However, full recovery for this piercing takes an average of 4-6 months. It is important to apply a careful aftercare regime for the first two weeks. Therefore, you should listen carefully to your piercer’s aftercare instructions.

It is beneficial to clean your piercing with a sterile solution every day. Also, we recommend you avoid wearing extra-tight underwear or pants. You should keep out unprotected intercourse until the full healing.

You can change your jewelry after a while. However, your fistula shouldn’t be without jewelry for too long. Because the hole is prone to close quickly.

Advantages of Dydoe Piercing

Someones claim that dydoe piercing increases stimulation and feeling during sexual intercourse. This may be caused by the jewelry creating extra pressure on the glans. Besides, there are speculations that it reverses the loss of sensation in the head of the penis after circumcision.

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In addition, this piercing can provide better stimulation for the partner. Especially, a dydoe in the center will increase pleasure by contacting the g-spot during sexual activity.

Disadvantages of Dydoe Piercing

First of all, a dydoe piercing tends to “migration” and “rejection”. However, It is possible to reduce the risk by using suitable jewelry. Of course, this sensitive piercing requires intense care and extra time for the healing process.

It may be necessary to have intercourse with a condom for a long time. It would also be good to take a break from sexual activity for a while.

The dydoe may cause infection easily in uncircumcised men. In addition, it creates an uncomfortable feeling due to the foreskin.