Edgar haircut is a cool and sexy style that draws the attention of men these days. Also, It seems to have already influenced many barber shops all over the world. Luckily, the great interest in Edgar has caused to emerge lots of modern and stylish versions of this style.

Maybe you may have some prejudges about an Edgar cut. However, you don’t have to get a traditional one. This hairstyle is versatile. It is suitable for combining with many trendy hair-cutting techniques such as fade and taper. You’ll agree with us when you see the latest and the best Edgar haircut ideas we’ve gathered for you.

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Stylish Edgar Haircut With Fade

What Is The Edgar Haircut?

There are some guesses as to how the Edgar cut came about. But its origin isn’t known exactly. Some people claim that the Edgar haircut is named after baseball player Edgar Martinez. One of Edgar Martinez’s fans got the face of the baseball player shaved into his head, and the haircut of this fan becomes known as the Edgar cut.

This haircut is very similar to Caesar cut and French Crop styles. You can even hear that the Edgar haircut is called the Mexican Caesar Cut. Besides, it is also known as the takuache haircut. Takuaches are Mexican-American teens who like to drive big pickup trucks and wear expensive Mexican clothes. Edgar or “cuh cut” is the informal hairstyle of the takuaches.

edgar haircut 5
Modern Edgar Cut

How To Style An Edgar Cut?

Although the traditional Edgar haircut looks like a bowl cut, there are lots of styling options for its modern variations. You can wear a fashionable haircut by mixing other popular styles such as fade.

We can say that an Edgar cut stands out with a short bang where are on the forehead. There is an equal hair length throughout this fringe. Besides that, the sides may be cropped, faded, and tapered. If you are a man who is looking for a clean and sharp style, you can try to cut your hair on the sides gradually.

When it comes to a contemporary Edgar haircut, the barber uses scissors to shape the top instead of the hair clipper. The point cut may create some texture and volume to the hair on the top. It is possible to achieve unique looks with different hair-cutting techniques.

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edgar haircut 1
Unique Textured Edgar Haircut

Is An Edgar Haircut Suitable For Me?

Edgar haircut is a lifestyle. If you want a style that has a character and a story, this haircut may be perfect for you. Also, it looks cool, mannish, and attractive.

Although it may have a bad reputation for somebodies, the Edgar cut is truly an iconic style. Moreover, it has many advantages. This haircut is easy to maintain. Also, you don’t have to make an effort for styling. Of course, it is possible to use hair styling products for slickness or shine. But, the Edgar haircut is suitable to wear in a natural way too.

Since Edgar cut has sharp edges, It emphasizes faces that have distinct bone structures. So this style works best with face shapes such as rectangular or diamond. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable for other face types.

Besides that, Edgar haircut is compatible with straight and wavy hair. If you have curly hair, you can need to work hard to tame your unruly hair.

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Slick Edgar Cut With Shaved Sides

The Best Edgar Haircuts Gallery

Edgar cut is a bold, masculine, and good-looking style. You can complete your appearance with this amazing haircut. Whether you have short or long hair, we are sure that you can find a desirable idea in our gallery. Here are the best and newest Edgar haircuts.

1. Short Disconnected Edgar Haircut

This is an edgy and clean Edgar haircut. The sides are shaved. The barber texturizes the hair on the top with a texturizing shear or a point-cut technique. There is a short and neat bang on the forehead. We can say that this style is a disconnected undercut variation.

edgar haircut 6

2. Long Messy Edgar Haircut

Here’s an unusual Edgar cut. This haircut works well with long hair. It looks cool and eye-catching. A classic Edgar style is enriched with messy layers on the top. Textures and volume add movement to this hairstyle. The barber applied a perfect scissors cut for the asymmetrical fringe.

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3. Straight Edgar Cut With Mid Skin Fade

If you are a man who likes classic but modern hairstyles at the same time, you can try to combine your Edgar cut with a fade style. You have many different alternatives such as skin fade, low fade, or drop fade. This haircut is sexy and fresh. The straight hair at the top has a slick finish. Also, a modern beard creates a masculine vibe. we definitely recommend this trendy takuache haircut to you.

edgar haircut 2

4. Textured Edgar Haircut

Edgar haircuts are also quite popular among young men. You can have unique and stylish hair by adding some textures. If you want an attractive look, faded and tapered sides are the best. Your barber cuts your sides gradually with a hair clipper. Different clipper guards help to blend your hair. The fringe which has the same length provides a sharp and impressive appearance.

edgar haircut 12

5. Edgar Cut With Long Bang

A traditional Edgar haircut has usually a short bang. However, as we said before, this hairstyle is quite open to reinterpretation. In this style, A long chopped fringe is combined with a low fade. It is also possible to prefer a burst fade for a new look. The tapered sideburns separate from a modern beard. This haircut is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t wait any longer to go to a barbershop.

edgar haircut 8

6. Edgar Haircut With Undercut

An Edgar cut matches with an undercut perfectly. In this haircut, the sides are shortened while the top is left long. It is suitable for thick or fine hair. The razor cut can be used for the top. You can add a stylish touch to your haircut by tapering your sideburns and the neckline.

edgar haircut 9

7. Faded Edgar Cut With A Beard

It is a good idea to mix the Edgar haircut with shaved sides. This hairstyle requires medium hair length. The sides are shaved with a shaver and blended upwards. Your barber can use the point cut and the blunt cut for a chic look. If you want, you can add a fashionable beard to emphasize your style.

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8. Unique Edgar Haircut

If you are tired of monotonous and same hairstyles, here is a unique haircut alternative for you. Although this style basically takes an Edgar cut as the base, it is quite differentiated with different cutting techniques. Messy hair where is on the front and crown looks cool and sexy. The hairstylist finishes the sides with a fade. Also, the hair design on the sideburns adds a magnificent touch to this hairstyle.

edgar haircut 14

9. Classic Edgar Haircut With A Fade

A Mexican version of caesar cut will give you a bold and stylish image. The shaved sides have a smooth transition. Also, the straight hairline and edgy bangs create a neat and modern style. You can maintain and manage this hairstyle easily. We recommend you find a professional barbershop for great results.

edgar haircut 24

10. Asymmetric Edgar Cut With Undercut

When it comes to an Edgar haircut, you have endless options. This is one of them. In this haircut, there is an asymmetrical fringe on the forehead. The sides are thinned with a hair clipper. Besides that, the barber can create sharp edges by using a trimmer. We can say that it is a long top, short sides hairstyle. If you want, you can style the textured top with a few hair styling products.

edgar haircut 29

11. Edgar Haircut With High Fade

Mexican-style Edgar cut is a big gift for the hair world. Many men of all ages follow up this trendy hairstyle. You can stick by the original style or have a very modern cut. Having a haircut in fashion, you can consider fade, undercut or taper fade for your sides. Also, before going to a barber, make sure you have enough hair on your top.

edgar haircut 25

12. Messy Edgar Haircut

Here is a different and rare Edgar style for you. The sides are shaved well. The messy hair on the top looks sexy and attractive. We have to say that you need to spend a little effort to shape this hairstyle. However, the results are worth it. Also, it is possible to add some slickness and shine with various hair styling products.

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