Helix piercing is one of the most popular ear piercing variations. It has become the focus of attention for piercing enthusiasts due to its cool, attractive, and eye-catching look in recent years. If you think that ear lobe piercings are boring and monotonous anymore, it is time to find a professional piercer for getting a stylish helix.

A helix piercing perfectly works with other ear piercings. Also, we can say that the curved area on your ear is a large playground for trying different stylings. If you want to dig deeper, you will find all the answers you wonder about a helix piercing in this article. Also, there are lots of helix piercing ideas to inspire you below.

What Is The Helix Piercing?

A standard helix piercing is a type of ear piercing applied to the upper part of the outer cartilage on the ear. People say that this piercing is called the helix because it resembles a DNA helix. It is also known as cartilage piercing. We can say that it is a versatile piercing alternative. It is possible to get your own unique style with different arrangements and jewelry choices. Also, If you prefer this one, you will have many piercing jewelry options.

Besides that, there are various helix piercing variations such as forward helix, double or triple helix, anti-helix, and low helix. Some of them are located in different parts of the ear. Also, you can combine them with other ear piercings. We know that choosing is a little difficult. But, after you decide, the whole process will be over in the blink of an eye with a professional piercer.

helix piercing 76
Cool Helix Piercing Ring

Types Of Helix Piercing

As we mentioned before, a classic helix piercing will locate in the upper cartilage of the ear. However, there are other types of helix piercings with different locations. We will briefly touch on them in this section.

Forward Helix Piercing

A forward helix piercing is placed on the curve of the outer cartilage closest to the face. It is just above daith and tragus. We can say that the forward helix is in the opposite direction of a standard helix. Also, it is possible to prefer a short stud or a ring as piercing jewelry for this piercing variation.

forward helix piercing 118
Heart-Shaped Forward Helix Piercing

Double or Triple Helix Piercing

The location is the same as a classic helix. The curved part of the upper cartilage, namely the helix area, allows for more than one hole. For this reason, you can have two, three, or more helix piercings just above each other. If you will be careful in the aftercare period, all fistulas can be created at the same time or you can consider getting your cartilage pierced at different times.

triple helix piercing 3
Stylish Triple Helix Piercing

Low Helix & Mid Helix Piercing

A low helix is placed on the bottom part of the outer cartilage. It is just above the ear lobe. Besides that, the middle helix is pierced lower than a classic helix. it is between the standard helix and the low helix. You can combine them with your standard, double or triple helix piercing.

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low helix piercing 7
Beautiful Low Helix Piercing

Anti-Helix (Snug) Piercing

Although a snug piercing is sometimes called an anti-helix, it is in a very different location in the ear. This piercing variety is in the anti-tragus area. In other words, it is pierced on the ridge of the inner cartilage of the ear.

Life-Saving Tips For A Helix Piercing

  • If you’re considering a helix piercing, don’t get both ears pierced at the same time. Because you will need to sleep on one ear during the healing period.
  • Ask your piercer to mark the spot where the hole will be made on your helix Just before getting your ear pierced. In this way, you can decide if it’s suitable for you.
  • You can prefer a small stud as starter jewelry for your helix. Thus, the piercing area will be more under control until your wound heals. The aftercare process may be a little bit difficult with rings.
  • Be sure to find a reliable piercing studio for a helix piercing. when it comes to a piercing, subjects such as sterilization, experience, and quality are very important. Take care of your body.

How To Apply A Helix Piercing

A helix piercing is typically pierced with a piercing needle. This technique is called freehand. Also, your piercer can also prefer a catheter needle. If desired, it is possible to use a receiving tube.

The piercer first marks the spot on your cartilage to be pierced. If it is suitable for you, the fistula is created on this spot with a needle. While the needle goes through your cartilage, a cork may be placed behind the ear to counterbalance the needle. Thus, it prevents you from getting poked. After that, the jewelry is put at the end of the needle. The needle slides and the jewelry is inserted in the hole. Finally, the jewelry is fixed and the piercing process is completed.

You may prefer a stud or hoop when your cartilage is pierced for the first time. However, a small labret stud may be better for an easy aftercare process.

When it comes to a helix piercing, we definitely do not recommend a piercing gun. Because it may cause trauma. If a piercer talks about a piercing gun, get away immediately.

double helix piercing 18
Golden Helix Jewelry

Is A Helix Piercing Painful?

For a helix piercing, the pain scale will change according to your pain tolerance. All piercings may hurt a little bit. However, since the helix is a thin cartilage, it isn’t too painful. Probably, you will only feel an instant shock and pinch.

Helix piercing is a quick process. It is important to visit an experienced piercer for a comfortable experience. Also, if you choose a forward helix, it will hurt less.

A few days after getting your ear pierced, you can experience swelling and throbbing. It is normal. However, if these symptoms don’t subside and persist for a long time, you may need support.

How Much Does A Helix Piercing Cost?

A helix piercing isn’t generally very expensive. You have to be willing to pay an average of $50. Of course, the amount you will pay depends on the experience of the piercer, the location of the piercing studio, and the jewelry you prefer. We can say that the price of a helix piercing is usually between $30 and $75.

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We recommend that you avoid a cheaper piercing process than these prices. Because your ears are clearly visible parts of your body. Since the helix piercing process carries risks such as scars, infections, and keloids, after a non-proper procedure, your life may turn into a nightmare. You should absolutely find an experienced and professional piercer. We think it will be worth it.

helix piercing 2

Aftercare Process For A Helix Piercing

If we will mention the aftercare process of a helix piercing, the best advice is that you should leave it alone. Because any piercing will heal better on its own. Therefore, avoid touching your piercing too much. Also, you don’t try to change your jewelry before healing isn’t complete.

Besides that, you can gently clean the front and the back of your ear with a saline solution and gauze twice a day. It is possible to minimize infection risk by keeping the area around the helix jewelry clean. It will be good to continue this until your piercing will be fully healed.

Avoid sleeping on your ear with the helix jewelry as much as possible until your piercing is completely healed. Also, try not to leave your fresh piercing wet. If you must, dry it properly with a paper towel or blow dryer. Lastly, stay away from environments that are suitable for the growth of bacteria such as jacuzzis and pools for a while. You can consult your body modification artist for more detailed aftercare instructions about your helix piercing.

helix piercing 46

Healing Time

Cartilage piercings differ from lobe piercings in terms of recovery time. An ear lobe piercing usually become fully healed in a short time. However, the healing time of a helix piercing can vary between 3 and 6 months. In rare cases, full recovery may take up to a year. There are a few factors such as metabolism and proper aftercare process to affect healing.

Besides that, you may experience some symptoms such as swelling, redness, and soreness after getting your ear pierced. If you strictly follow the aftercare routine recommended by your piercer, recovery will occur faster. Generally, these symptoms are temporary. Otherwise, you may need to talk to your piercer without wasting time. If necessary, you can also seek medical support.

Which Jewelry Can I Choose For Helix Piercings?

Typically, there are two types of jewelry for helix piercings. They are studs and rings. You can combine your helix with other ear piercing variations such as conch, rook, or tragus as well as prefer different jewelry styles. You are free to reflect on your unique look by trying different combinations.

  • Helix Studs: Studs are a small but stylish variety of jewelry. They are inserted into the hole in a linear way and secured with a small fixture. A stud is very suitable for the helix area. It is a nice starter piece of jewelry that you can choose when you get your ear pierced for the first time.
  • Helix Hoops & Rings: There are lots of circular jewelry for your helix piercing. Also, hoops are the most popular jewelry option. If you want a simple, elegant, and classy look, you can prefer seamless rings. Clickers and segment rings promise an eye-catching and detailed appearance. Also, they are very easy to insert and remove. It is possible to enrich your style with gems with these jewelry options. Circular barbells seem like simple jewelry, but they offer a very modern and cool look. In addition, captive bead rings are good-looking alternatives for your helix.
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If you want more unusual and different jewelry alternatives for your helix piercing, you can consider ear cuffs and cartilage shields. Also, you can find unique jewelry alternatives by searching on the internet. We also shared a few ideas to inspire you below. But, make sure that the jewelry you choose is made of quality material before purchasing.

helix piercing 123

Jewelry Materials For A Helix Piercing

Stainless steel and titanium are useful, safe, and popular materials for a helix piercing. We strongly recommend that you stay away from jewelry made of materials that will damage your ears and cause unwanted reactions.

  • Stainless Steel: This material is widely used for helix piercings. Because it is relatively cheap, safe, and versatile. You can prefer jewelry made of stainless steel for different colors and shapes. But, it contains nickel. Therefore, if you are allergic to nickel, it would be useful to take a look at different alternatives.
  • Titanium: Titanium is a very safe material that doesn’t cause any reaction in your body. It is also quite solid. Since it is used even in surgical operations, you can choose it with peace of mind. However, it is more expensive compared to stainless steel. Of course, your helix piercing deserves quality material.
  • Gold: Gold is always a special material for accessories. Although gold jewelry is not in the first place when it comes to helix piercings, it is a safe and elegant choice. Be sure that the gold jewelry you will choose is at least 14 karats for durability.

helix piercing 122

The Best Helix Piercing Ideas

When it comes to helix piercings, you have endless decoration alternatives. You can achieve stylish and modern looks by combining different jewelry. Also, it is possible to create a beautiful composition with other kinds of ear piercings. We know that it is difficult for you to make a decision. Therefore, we have gathered the best and latest helix piercing alternatives for you. Take a quick look and get inspired.

Stylish Helix Jewelry With Chains

helix piercing 117

Golden Thunderbolt Helix Piercing

helix piercing 91

Circular Barbell For The Helix Piercings

helix piercing 68

Chic Stud For Your Helix

helix piercing 1

Charming Helix Piercing Jewelry

helix piercing 95

Simple & Cool Helix Studs

helix piercing 99

Minimalist Piercing Stud For Helix

helix piercing 105

Beautiful Jewelry For Helix Piercings

helix piercing 5

Elegant Helix Ring For A Helix Piercing

helix piercing 89

Helix Piercing Jewelry With Gems

helix piercing 6

Triple Helix Piercing With Captive Bead Rings

helix piercing 8

helix piercing 103

helix piercing 100

helix piercing 35

helix piercing 98

helix piercing 108

helix piercing 109

helix piercing 71

helix piercing 17

helix piercing 16

helix piercing 90

helix piercing 19


helix piercing 23

helix piercing 113

helix piercing 66

helix piercing 15

helix piercing 93

helix piercing 112

helix piercing 20

helix piercing 120

helix piercing 27

helix piercing 33

helix piercing 22

helix piercing 94

helix piercing 28

helix piercing 65

helix piercing 87

helix piercing 51

helix piercing 31

helix piercing 53

helix piercing 11

helix piercing 67

helix piercing 44

helix piercing 119

helix piercing 21
helix piercing 25
helix piercing 26

helix piercing 30

helix piercing 29

helix piercing 32

helix piercing 111

helix piercing 110

helix piercing 34

helix piercing 37

helix piercing 80

helix piercing 41

helix piercing 47

helix piercing 36

forward helix piercing 115

helix piercing 38

helix piercing 39

helix piercing 40

helix piercing 55

helix piercing 43

helix piercing 42
helix piercing 49

helix piercing 104

helix piercing 70

helix piercing 58
helix piercing 69
helix piercing 74
helix piercing 77
helix piercing 81
helix piercing 82

helix piercing 79

helix piercing 83
helix piercing 84
helix piercing 85
helix piercing 86

helix piercing 75

helix piercing 88
helix piercing 92
helix piercing 96
helix piercing 101
helix piercing 102

helix piercing 57

helix piercing 107
helix piercing 114
helix piercing 116

helix piercing 1

helix piercing 124

helix piercing 121

helix piercing 52

helix piercing 9

helix piercing 10

helix piercing 24

helix piercing 60

helix piercing 45

helix piercing 48

helix piercing 78

helix piercing 106

helix piercing 13

helix piercing 62


helix piercing 72

helix piercing 12

helix piercing 64

helix piercing 4