Long hairstyles for men are timeless and versatile. They look sexy, attractive, cool, and fashionable. Therefore, it is possible to bring your style to the next level by growing your hair.

Many warriors and heroes in the dusty pages of history are symbolized by their long hair. It indicates power, prestige, and authority. We can say that today, the reputation of long hair by men still continues. From Jason Momoa to Johnny Depp, many celebrities have left their mark on the world of movies with their long hairstyles.

Also, when it comes to long hairstyles for men, you have a lot of styling options such as man bun, top knot, side swept, updo, dreadlocks, and braids. Long hair is never boring or monotonous. Of course, it is inevitable that you take some time for maintenance and management. In addition, don’t forget to visit your barber from time to time.

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Are Long Hairstyles For Men Suitable For Me?

First of all, your hair length should be sufficient to choose one of the long hairstyles for men. If you have long hair already, you are lucky. However, if you are a man with short or medium-length hair, it is time to start growing your hair. In this phase, we recommend that you wash your hair regularly, use a quality shampoo and hair conditioner, and seek help from a barber you trust to trim your hair.

The good news is that long hairstyles for men are suitable for any hair type such as straight, wavy, curly, fine, or thick. The key is to choose the most suitable hairstyle for yourself.

Besides that, long hairstyles for men are also suitable for different environments and circumstances. If you prefer a style for your business life, you can try a tidy man bun. We can recommend loose and messy hairstyles for casual use.

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The Best Long Hairstyles For Men Gallery

If you are a long-haired man but cannot decide which long hairstyle to choose, you are at the right place right now. We have gathered the best and latest long hairstyles for men. We are sure that you will find many different and trendy styles in our gallery, from very stylish man buns to shoulder-length hairstyles. Take a quick look.

Braids For Men

Braids are amazing long hairstyle options for men with long hair. There are many alternatives such as box braids, dutch braids, and cornrows. If you have long enough hair on the top, you can consider a braid style. Also, it is possible to choose a contemporary haircut such as undercut and fade for the sides. The barber divides your hair into parts according to your preferred hairstyle. Then, he or she creates braids from your hair strains. Applying some hair products may be a great idea for moisturizing and holding.

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Man Bun

The man bun is a real classic among long hairstyles for men. In this hairstyle, the hair is gathered at the back of the head and a bun is created with a hair tie. Man bun may be loose or tight. If you want, you can combine your long hair with a stylish beard. The good news is that this style is suitable for straight, wavy, or curly hair.

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Messy Full Bun For Men

When it comes to a full bun, the barber ties your hair up on the top. It may look messy or tidy. It is a sexy, cool, and stylish long hairstyle for a man. Also, you can wear it in many different environments. This style matches perfectly with a beard.
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Wavy Long Hairstyle For Men

If you want long hair, the most difficult stage is the hair-growing stage. However, the results will be worth the effort. We can say that long hairstyles are suitable for wavy hair. In this style, the hair is combed to one side. It looks natural, attractive, and manly. You don’t need to put your hair up. If you want, you can prefer a few hair styling products for a shining and slick finish. A full beard is an awesome option to add a final touch.

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Layered Medium Long Hairstyle For Men

If you don’t want to grow your hair too much, you can try medium-long hairstyles. Here is a perfect style for wavy hair. It looks cool and eye-catching. All you need for this type of hairstyle is a comb. Of course, it is beneficial to use products such as quality shampoo and hair conditioner for brighter and healthier hair. A few inches of hair length will suffice for this medium-long hairstyle. People will envy your long hair.

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Long Modern Mullet

Mullet is one of the timeless and immortal long hairstyles. This style is a modern interpretation of a classic hairstyle. The top and the back are left long. The fade on the sides perfectly accompanies this mullet. Also, the spiky hair on the top looks dynamic, sexy, and fashionable. If you want, you can combine it with a stubbly beard. If you are a man with long hair, we recommend that you consider the modern mullet.

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Top Knot

The top knot is one of the modern, trendy, and impressive long hairstyles for men. You should have 9-10 inches of hair on the top for this style. You can choose different cutting options such as fade, undercut or taper fade for the sides. In this hairstyle, the barber combs your hair back and fixes it using a hair styling product. After that, it is created a knot with an elastic hair tie. A top knot has many styling alternatives. Managing and maintenance need a little bit of effort.

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Half Bun Hairstyle For Men

This long hairstyle is also called the half up half down bun. You can brush your hair back before styling. Part your long hair in three sections. Use the middle hair section and create a ponytail with a hair tie. Then, you can create a bun with a hair rubber band. Secure it with a few bobby pins. It is possible to get a slick finish with a hair spray. The half bun is a modern, chic, and stylish long hairstyle alternative for men.

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Long Hairstyle With Rough Beard

If you are a man who wants to have a long hairstyle, you should definitely consider combining it with a rough beard. This style is masculine, bold, and cool. Also, it is also possible to enrich your long hair with hair colors. Long hair can be relatively difficult to maintain. It will be beneficial to use quality hair care products and visit the barber at certain periods. Don’t forget to clean your split ends.

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Curly Long Hairstyle For Men

Long hairstyles work well with curly hair. You can use your creativity while you style your beautiful long curls. Here is a stylish, modern, and noticeable hairstyle. It is voluminous and shiny. We can say that the key is a healthy look for long hair. If you don’t have curly hair type, you can try perm. Even if the hair growth phase is a bit challenging, the results you get will be worth it.

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Unique Medium Long Hairstyle For Men

We have good news for men. You have lots of unique hairstyle alternatives for your long hair. Also, you don’t need to wait too long to grow your hair. This is a cool and unique style. It is suitable for medium-long hair. We highly recommend visiting a professional barber shop for this style. It will match with a goatee beard.

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Ponytail Hairstyle For Men

Ponytail is a classic long hairstyle. If you are a man who likes old-school styles, a ponytail may be a good choice for you. It is easy to style and maintain. All you need is a hair tie. Also, you can get a mannish look with a full beard.

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Shoulder-Length Hairstyle For Men

There are unlimited style options for men’s long hairstyles. If you don’t want to wait so much, you can try shoulder-length hairstyles. Here is a good hairstyle example for wavy hair. It looks natural, healthy, and sexy. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort on maintenance and styling. You can style it with a comb or brush.

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Side Swept With Hair Color

Side swept is a cool, attractive, and stylish long hairstyle for men. In this style, the long hair on the top is swept to one side. The sides may be short or buzzed. Besides that, it is possible to try different hair colors. Usually, this hairstyle looks better when you use it beardless. It is suitable for casual use.

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Bun Hairstyle With A Hair Band

If you are a man with curly and long hair, taming your hair may be a little bit hard. For these conditions, we can recommend you a man bun. Also, you can enrich your image with a hair band. It looks charismatic, impressive, and trendy. The bun is a magnificent style for long hair.

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Natural Long Hair With Beard

Long hairstyles for men are noticeable and stylish without the need for any styling. You can wear your hairstyle in a natural way. However, hair care is crucial for a bright look. Whether you have thick or fine hair, you will get good results with long hairstyles.

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Straight Long Hairstyle For Men

Long hairstyles are compatible with thin and straight hair too. It is possible to make your long hair strands look thicker, healthier, and voluminous with intense hair care. Also, long hair is suitable for any face shape. You can complete your appearance with a modern beard.

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Long Undercut Hairstyle With Side Swept

This is a gorgeous hairstyle for men with long hair. It is a rare style. The barber crops the sides with a hair clipper. The top is left long and combed to one side. The hairstylist styles the hair on the top with scissors. It is a long hairstyle that will attract all the attention, even if it is a little difficult to maintain and give shape.

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Updo Hairstyle For Men

Here is a loose and messy bun. If you are a man with long hair, this cool and dapper style will be perfect for you. However, it isn’t suitable for professional business life. You can get some help from your hairdresser for this long hairstyle.

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Long Disheveled Hairstyle For Men

If you are searching for a modern, different, and eye-catching long hairstyle, this one may be an amazing option for you. A few inches of hair length will be enough. The styling looks very difficult. Therefore, it is beneficial to find a popular barbershop. The barber may apply the point cut and blunt cut in combination. The hair on the top is blended and mixed. Get ready for the intense attention of women with this long hairstyle.

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Asian-Inspired Long Hairstyle For Men

Here is an Asian-style knot. It looks flashy and sophisticated. Since this is a neat long hairstyle, it is suitable for both business and daily use. You may need some hair styling products such as hair spray, wax, or gel for some shine and slickness. If you wear this long hairstyle with a rough beard, it is certain that you will have a masculine appearance.

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Stylish Half Bun For Men

The half bun is one of the contemporary, trendy, and stylish men’s long hairstyles. It is easy to style and maintain. In this hairstyle, the hair on the top is used by creating a bun. Besides that, the rest of the hair is left free. You can prefer hair ties, hair rubber bands, and hair pins for securing the bun.

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Long Comb Over Hairstyle For Men

If you are a man who wants a classy, elegant, and long hairstyle, the comb-over will perfectly suit your long hair. Moreover, you don’t need to grow your hair too much for this hairstyle. Medium-long hair will suffice. The sides are tapered with a hair clipper. The long hair on the top is combed to one side. You can finish your style with some hair products such as pomade, wax, and clay.

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Sexy Man Bun For Blonde Men

The man bun is an iconic style for men with long hair. The bun can be placed at different levels. Also, this style works well with different hair colors. If you want a sexy, masculine, and bold long hairstyle, you can consider a stylish bun.

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Slicked Back Long Hairstyle For Men

Slicked back style is compatible with long hair. In this hairstyle, all hair is combed back and fixed. If necessary, your barber can trim your hair with scissors. It is crucial to use hair products for a slick look and holding. We can say that this is a sexy, cool, and modern long hairstyle for men.

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