A low fade haircut can be a perfect alternative for men who will try a fade variation for the first time. Because although it is stylish and modern cutting, the fade effect doesn’t look marginal and disconnected. Therefore, we can say that this style is one of the most preferred haircuts among the fade family.

You have many reasons to wear a low fade. It can match well with other fashionable hairstyle options. So you can combine it with a lot of styles from a quiff to the fringe. Besides, your low fade is easier to maintain compared with other fade versions. This haircut is compatible with all hair types as well as it is suitable for short, medium, or long hair.

Before the next barber appointment, we definitely recommend you take a look at the best and latest low fade haircut ideas we have rounded up for you.

low fade haircut 2
Modern Low Fade Haircut
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What Is The Low Fade?

Essentially, there are three types of fade according to the level of the fade effect. The low fade is the lowest level of fading. It starts just above the ear and goes on upwards. In the low fade haircut, the barber determines a baseline one inch above the ear before blending hair on the sides. Then he gradually shortens the hair, creating a smooth transition from bottom to top. This variation can also contain some parts of the sideburns.

When creating a low fade effect, the hairstylists use a hair clipper and guards with different numbers. Also, it is necessary to set guidelines with a t-liner. Besides that, scissors cut is the best for the top. This haircut works well with trendy hairstyles such as textured crop, french crop, a pompadour, and crew cut.

Low Fade vs Mid Fade

The difference between a low fade and a mid fade is only level. The mid fade starts from the temple area and goes on toward the back of the head. It is higher than a low fade. The high fade is pretty close to the top of the head. In this fade variation, the entire sides and back are almost shaved.

low fade haircut 14
Stylish Low Fade Idea For Men
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How to Style A Low Fade Haircut?

A low fade includes sides and back. The barber first sets a baseline before starting the clipper cut. Excess hair under the baseline is shaved with a shaver. This creates a clean and neat look. Then, other guidelines above the baseline are determined, and the hair is cropped to different lengths with a hair clipper. This cutting technique exposes a blurry fade effect. In this process, guards and the lever of the clipper assist to blend hair on the sides and back.

After completing the low fade, the barber cut hair with the scissor-over comb technique from the bottom to the top. This cutting adds depth to the style. It can be preferred blunt cut or point cut for the top according to the desired hairstyle. It can be useful to prefer a hair dryer to style some hairstyles. In addition, If you want to add an impressive look to your hair, you can consider finishing your haircut with hair styling products such as pomade, wax, clay, or hairspray.

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Fashionable Textured Low Fade
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The Best Low Fade Haircuts For Men Gallery

A low fade is a candidate to be your favorite haircut with its versatility and diversity. If you are ready for a trendy haircut, it will be a good start. People will compliment the change in your appearance. Of course, some men will envy your new hairstyle. Long story short, we bet that you won’t have to look at other sources for a stylish fade haircut after taking a glance at our gallery. Because we’ve done deep research and collected all the best low fade haircut ideas for you.

Quiff With Low Fade

Quiff and low fade haircut is a perfect couple. The hair on the top is voluminous and long. You can style the hair in the front upwards. Contrary to the top, the sides are gradually shortened and finished with a fade. This haircut is ideal for men who want a chic, attractive, and modern style.

low fade haircut 1

Curly Hairstyle With Low Fade

A low fade works well with curly hair. It is possible to prefer a skin-level fade for a more dramatic look. The curls on the top are trimmed with scissors. It is a clean, neat, and edgy haircut. If you desire, you can try to add a stylish beard for enriching this hairstyle.

low fade haircut 8

French Crop With Low Fade

A low fade is absolutely suitable for short haircuts. The French crop is one of them. In this style, there is a short and sharp bang on the forehead. The top can be texturized with a blending shear. Also, it is a good idea to hair styling products for shine and slickness. The barber can create a great contrast by shaving the sides. This haircut is really bold and stylish with a defined hairline and clean beard.

low fade haircut 16

Low Fade Haircut With Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked-back hairstyle is a real classic. This is a long top and short sides style. The hair on the top is combed back and it is held with hair products. The barber can get help from a hair dryer to style hair. Lastly, the styling is completed by adding a slick finish with products like hairspray. On the sides and the back, there is a low-level fade. The barber creates a fade effect by cutting the hair in different lengths. Also, an edgy hairline and beard reflect a chic image.

low fade haircut 22

Spiky Hairstyle With Low Fade

Spiky hair and a low fade are a great combination. In this style, the barber prepares the hair on the top by using the point cut. Also, it is possible to add some movement with a thinning shear. It can be finished styling phase with a blow dryer and quality high-hold clay. The low fade provides a clean and fresh look to this haircut. It also contains some parts of sideburns. Pointed and sharp details emphasize this style.

low fade haircut 26

Messy Hairstyle With Fade

If you are a man who is looking for a cool and attractive haircut, you can consider this messy hairstyle. Faded sides have a modern appearance. There is bulky hair on the top. The barber can blend the long hair on the top with a texturizing shear. Also, this hairstyle contains a stylish fringe on the forehead.

low fade haircut 27

Layered Pompadour With Low Skin Fade

The pompadour is an immortal hairstyle. Here is a modern reinterpretation of the pompadour style. There is a low skin fade on the sides. The barber gradually crops hair with a hair clipper for a fade effect. The top is layered. Also, you can add stylish touches such as shine and wetness by using proper hair products.

low fade haircut 4

Buzz Cut With Low Fade

Buzz cut provides a clean and tidy look. It is suitable for many environments. Also, this haircut has advantages like low maintenance. What distinguishes this haircut from a classic buzz-cut style is a low fade. Fading of sides and a modern beard take this hairstyle to the next level. In addition, it is also perfect for summertime.

low fade haircut 35

Side Part With Low Fade

One of the first hairstyles that come to mind when talking about a classy and elegant haircut is the side part. It is a sharp and sexy style. A low fade creates depth on the sides. The hair on the top is separated into two parts. One of these parts is combed to one side. Hair styling products such as pomade or clay are essential for this hairstyle.

low fade haircut 31

Side-Swept Hairstyle With Faded Sides

If you are a man with long hair, a side-swept hairstyle with faded sides may be a modern and stylish option for you. In this style, the top is combed to one side. The sides and back are faded and tapered. Especially, it is a cool and eye-catching hairstyle alternative for teens.

low fade haircut 3

Crew Cut With Low Fade

The crew cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for men. It also works well with a low fade. The barber creates a fade effect just above the ears. The skin is clearly visible in this area. The top is slightly longer than the sides and the back. If you are a man who wants to manage and maintain your hairstyle easily, the crew cut is the best for you.

low fade haircut 36

Modern Low Fade Haircut

Here is a modern and fashionable hairstyle for men. We can say that it is almost a regular haircut. However, this style seems to have developed a new identity with a low fade. Also, you can get a masculine look by adding a rough beard.

low fade haircut 5

Unique Fringe With A Low Fade

This is a unique and different hairstyle alternative. The sides and back have a low-level fading. Also, the barber trims the hairline and beard with a t-liner. There is disheveled hair on the top. The razor cut can be used for this styling. The messy fringe on the forehead reflects a cool and sexy appearance.

low fade haircut 33

Comb Over Hairstyle With Low Fade

This haircut looks extremely clean and stylish. There is a blurry fade effect at the low level on the sides. The hairline and the beard are sharpened with a trimmer. The hair on the top is combed to one side and held. We can say that this haircut is the synthesis of a classic and modern style.

low fade haircut 7

Faded Caesar Cut With Layers

The Caesar cut is highly suitable to combine with a low fade. This is a really special cutting. It’s pretty obvious that it came out of a professional barber shop. There is a clear fade on the sides and the back. It was preferred different hair-cutting techniques such as blunt cut and point cut on the top. The bang on the forehead is a stylish touch for this style.

low fade haircut 40

Textured Crop With Low Fade

In this hairstyle, while the top is cut with a texturizing shear, the sides and the back are faded. A hairdryer and some hair styling products can assist in the styling phase. Low fade looks clean and contemporary.

low fade haircut 9

Har Part With Low Fade Haircut

The hard part is a sharp and dapper hairstyle. It features a clean and defined line that divides the hair into two different parts. A low fade cut is enriched in this style. Maintenance and styling require a little bit of effort. However, these amazing results are worth your time.

low fade haircut 29

Regular Haircut With Low Fade

If you are a man who likes regular haircuts, you can have a modern cut without too much risk by combining a low fade with your regular hairstyle. Because this fade variation hasn’t a very dramatic look. Even you can use it with an Ivy League style.

low fade haircut 23

Wavy Hairstyle With Fade

Low fade perfectly works with wavy hair. If you want a cool, attractive, and sexy haircut, we recommend you try a fade variation for your next barbershop visit. Also, it is possible to prefer different and stylish hairstyles on your top according to your liking.

low fade haircut 30

Faux Hawk Hairstyle With Low Fade

This is a dynamic and eye-catching hairstyle. Besides, it is suitable for fine and thick hair. In this haircut, the sides are tapered and faded. The barber can use the clipper cut for the sides and back. The scissors cut is better for the top. Also, you can consider different hair products for styling.

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