Regular haircuts for men are always trendy in the barber community. Because they look neat, well-groomed, and sleek. Actually, getting a clean and proper appearance with a taper cut is pretty possible. Moreover, the hair length on the top offers superb opportunities for a professional cut. Find a good barbershop and put yourself in reliable hands.

Old but gold. A traditional regular haircut provides a lot of privileges. It is a good way to reflect your high status. Also, a regular cut highlights your masculinity, boldness, and attractiveness. A business hairstyle is very suitable for formal occasions. Show your charm and authority with a regular hairstyle.

A regular haircut is usually identified with a short back and sides. This emphasizes the features of the hair at the top. We know it’s hard for you to decide because there are so many style options. we have prepared the latest and best regular haircuts for men gallery to make your job easier. We believe that you will find one that will suit you among dozens of hairstyles.

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What Is The Regular Haircut?

The regular haircut is a general name that covers neat, well-groomed, and classic hairstyles for men. It is also known as taper cut, businessman haircut, standard cut, and professional cut. In the regular cut, the back and the sides are short. The top is left long enough to comb.

When it comes to a regular haircut, there are three important aspects. These are edging, siding, and topping. Edging relates to the sideburns and the neckline. Siding expresses the sides and the back. Typically, a taper cut is preferred for the siding. Also, topping is about how to style the crown and top of the head.

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Popular Regular Haircuts For Men Gallery

If you are a man who is looking for a professional haircut, you are at the right address. You can comfortably wear these regular hairstyles in your business life or formal events. Because they are tidy, clean, and proper. We have rounded up the best regular haircuts for you to get inspired. Hurry up and take a glance.

Regular Comb Over Hairstyle

You can add movement and dimension to your regular haircut with a comb-over style. In this hairstyle, the top is quite longer than the sides. Also, it is suitable for wavy hair type. It is possible to style it with a hair dryer and a comb. Besides that, you add a beautiful touch with a few hair styling products such as pomade, wax, or clay. If you are a man who wants a cool, stylish, and voluminous hairstyle, this regular cut may be ideal for you.

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Choppy Regular Haircut With Short Sides

Here is a good-looking long top and short sides haircut. The sides are cut short. Also, there is choppy hair on the top. If you want to control your unruly and tangled hair, you can try this regular haircut style. Maybe it may not be suitable for formal environments. However, you can prefer it for casual use. In addition, it is possible to emphasize this style with a manly beard.

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Blunt Regular Haircut For Men

It is a real regular haircut. The sides are delicately shortened. Also, the barber applies the blunt cut for the top. This style is suitable for men with thick and bulky hair. It is low-maintenance and easy to style. We recommend this business haircut to stylish men who know what they want.

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Short Regular Haircut For Men

If you are a man with short hair, you can easily wear a short regular haircut. Because short hair looks neat and clean. This style looks like a crew cut. The sides are a little bit shorter compared to the top. Also, the top is upright. While your barber uses a hair clipper for your sides, he or she prefers the scissor cut at the crown. This hairstyle is perfect for business life. We are sure that gents who like classic and professional haircuts adore this hairstyle.

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Ivy League Hairstyle For Men

Ivy League is one of the most popular regular haircuts for men. It looks charming, sexy, and tidy. Luckily, this hairstyle gives good results with fine or thin hair. You can style your hair in the front by combing it to one side. It may be beneficial to use a blow dryer. Also, the short sides will make this style stand out. We think it will look better if you wear it without a beard.

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Curly Regular Haircut For Men

Men with curly hair aren’t obligated to disheveled and tangled curls. You can tame your hair by trimming it with scissors. This is a modern regular cut for curly-haired men. The sides are very short and cropped. Also, you can use this tidy haircut in your office. Stubbly beard may be a chic option. Other guys will envy your amazing curly regular haircut.

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Long Regular Haircut For Men

If you have medium-long hair, you can get a long regular haircut by cutting your hair properly. Also, it is easy to achieve a well-groomed look using hairstyling products. Of course, a hair dryer can help to style your hair. This hairstyle is suitable for business and daily use. All you have to do is be careful while you are in the hair growth phase.

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Blonde Regular Haircut

Regular haircuts for men work well with blonde hair. This is a combed-back hairstyle. It is possible to style the hair at the top with a comb and a blow dryer. While the top is left long, the sides are trimmed. It is perfect for formal events. If you are a man who is looking for a stylish and sleek style, you can consider this hairstyle too.

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Spiky Regular Haircut With Cropped Sides

Here is an amazing regular hairstyle. In this style, the sides may be short or medium-length. Also, there is sufficient hair on the top for styling. The top is styled upward. The spikes are eye-catching, dynamic, and sophisticated. You can use some hair styling products such as hair spray, wax, or gel for a slick finish and shine. It looks neat, clean, and modern.

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Regular Buzz Cut For Men

The buzz cut is a tidy, well-groomed, and standard haircut for men. The entire hair is cut short in this hairstyle. It is also known as a military haircut. This style is compatible with every environment and occasion. One of its greatest advantages is that it requires low maintenance and is easy to manage. If you are a man who wants a short and regular haircut, you don’t need to think too much.

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Regular High And Tight Haircut With Short Sides

High and tight haircuts are very trendy nowadays. The short sides and the back give a charming look. This style features a taper cut. Also, the hair at the top can be styled in various ways. You can choose from dozens of modern hairstyles like quiff. This regular haircut will be perfect for business life. However, we strongly recommend that you find a professional hair salon for satisfactory results.

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Regular Side-Swept Hairstyle For Men

There are also many regular haircut options for men with long hair. Side-swept is one of the most popular options. In this hairstyle, the hair at the top is swept to one side with a comb or brush. In addition, your barber can use hair products to add slickness. It is important to pay attention to hair care during the hair growth period for healthy and shining hair.

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Regular Slicked Back Haircut With Undercut

Slicked back is an iconic regular haircut for men. The hair designer combs the hair to the back and holds it with some hair styling products. Also, you can consider an undercut or taper cut for your sides. We believe that this haircut will bring your appearance to the next level. Don’t forget, you should have enough hair length on the top for a slick back undercut.

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Regular Side Part Haircut For Men

The side-part haircut is one of the best regular haircuts for men. In this hairstyle, the barber divides the hair into two sections. One part is combed to one side. The other part is styled downward. Also, there is a clean and sharp line between the two sections. Hair products are crucial for this style. Gents who like old-school and classic haircuts will be dying for this regular cut.

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Regular Quiff Hairstyle For Men

Quiff is a magnificent and sleek hairstyle alternative for men. It is neat, well-groomed and fashionable. We can say that this style has a short back and sides. The top is long and styled upward. When cutting the top of the head, the barber can prefer the blunt cut and the point cut in a combination. If you want, you can match this regular cut with a stylish beard.regular haircut 16

Regular Fringe Hairstyle For Men

Fringe is a natural, cool, and flashy hairstyle option for guys. It stands out with a bang on the forehead. You can choose different hair lengths according to your liking. In this style, the sides can be short and tapered. Also, the barber blends the hair on the top. A razor cut is a great cutting technique for this hairstyle. In addition, it is possible to use a texturizing shear for textures. We are sure that you will get all the attention on your hair with this regular haircut.

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Regular Textured Crop Haircut For Men

You can add a different touch to your regular cut with a choppy style. This is a classic and vintage hairstyle for men. There are stylish textures in all of the hair. Your hairdresser can consider using a blending shear. Also, the point cut technique will reinforce this texturizing effect. It is possible to highlight your masculine appearance with a bold beard.

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Wavy Regular Haircut For Men

Regular haircuts for men are compatible with wavy hair. This is a stylish, neat, and modern hairstyle. The hair on the top is combed and well-groomed. There is a taper cut on the sides. The good news is that this style also works with fine hair. Also, it is in harmony with a stubbly beard.

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Classic Regular Haircut For Men

Here is a classic and nostalgic businessman hairstyle. Also, this professional cut is suitable for formal events. Slicked hair is combed back and secured with styling products. You should have a fair amount of hair length for this regular cut. You don’t need too much effort for maintenance. Regular barbershop visits for trimming will be enough to protect your hair form.regular haircut 20

Regular Modern Pompadour With Shaved Sides

Pompadour is a timeless and legendary hairstyle in the hair world. This is a modern version of this style. The sides are tapered and shaved. The sideburns and the neckline look natural. The barber creates layers on the hair mound. Different hair-cutting techniques were used for the top. Besides that, it needs a delicate effort to style this hair. If you are a man who desires an awesome regular haircut, this one will be perfect for you.

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Regular Haircut With Rough Beard

It is possible to achieve a balanced look by combining a regular hairstyle with a rough beard. This style shows that when contrasts come together, they can produce great results. The hair is polished, sleek, and tidy. You can create a slick finish with a pomade or clay. In addition, a comb will be ideal for styling. There is a long and trimmed beard.

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Layered Regular Haircut For Men

This is a voluminous and eye-catching regular hairstyle. There are thin layers in the front of the head. They drop to one side. Also, the sides are shortened with a hair clipper and guards. Differences in hair lengths create a great contrast and disconnected look. Maybe, you can prefer different hair colors for this style. You should watch over hair care for a healthy and bright appearance. Lastly, the modern and chic beard gives you a mannish look.

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Classy Regular Hairstyle For Men

If you are a man who likes classy, charming, and charismatic looks, this well-groomed vintage hairstyle may be suitable for you. We strongly recommend this hairstyle to gentlemen with wavy hair. It looks natural and neat. There isn’t much difference between the sides and the top in terms of hair length. The golden hair is carefully combed and styled. In addition, the stubble accompanies this style beautifully.

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Regular Crew Cut Haircut

Crew cut is one of the outstanding regular haircuts for men. It is ideal for gentlemen who prefer short hair. The short back and sides reflect a clean and fresh look. The barber applies a taper cut for the sides. The hair at the top is styled forward. This style is in harmony with blonde hair.

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