People madly follow the septum piercing fashion trend in recent years. Actually, they aren’t wrong. Because this piercing isn’t only stylish and impressive, but also the perfect way to enrich your style. All you have to do is find an experienced piercer.

When it comes to septum piercing, there are many jewelry alternatives, from simple designs to detailed and eye-catching ideas. So while you are choosing a new accessory, you will have endless options. If you are ready for a bold decision, Read on to learn all you need to know about septum piercing and find inspiring ideas.

What Is The Septum Piercing?

The septum is a cartilage wall that separates the two chambers of the nose. In other words, the layer between the two nostrils is called the septum. However, there may be a misunderstanding about this piercing variation. Although the septum piercing is named after this cartilage tissue, actually it isn’t the spot that is pierced. The fistula is created in soft tissue below the septum and the piercer places the jewelry in this hole. This part is also known as “sweet spot” in the body modification world.

What Is The Difference Between Septum Piercing And Nostril Piercing?

The most important difference is the location of the piercing jewelry. While in a septum piercing, the spot below the cartilage in the middle of the nose is pierced, in a nostril piercing, the nostril wall on the right or left side is pierced.

The other difference is the types of jewelry that can be preferred. You can use only circular jewelry for a septum piercing. However, it is possible to choose nose studs as well as circular jewelry in nostril piercings.

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How To Apply A Septum Piercing?

Before the body modification artists pierce your septum, they clean your nostrils with alcohol. This is important for disinfection. Also, it can be beneficial to use an anesthetic spray for a comfy process. After that, the piercer prepares piercing instruments and jewelry for the process.

Piercers can prefer to use a septum clamp as well as pierce the septum with only a needle. Using only a needle is called freehand. If the clamp is used, the piercer compresses the skin below the septum wall with the clamp. Then, he/she creates a fistula by passing the needle through the clamp. At this point, the needle is still in the hole. In the next step, the desired jewelry is put to one end of the needle. Then the piercer slides the needle and the jewelry is inserted into the hole. Lastly, the piercer completes the septum piercing by securing the jewelry.

If the piercer prefers the freehand technique, the sweet spot is marked with a pen. Afterward, piercing is performed using a needle, taking this point as a reference. The part of inserting the jewelry is the same.

Body modification artists can get help from forceps to adjust jewelry during the process. Also, catheter-piercing needles can also be used to pierce the skin.

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Does A Septum Piercing Hurt?

Of course, the pain threshold varies from person to person. However, The good news is that the septum piercing doesn’t hurt too much during the pierce to the skin. Because the spot below the septum cartilage has soft and thin tissue. If you think your pain tolerance is low, you can ask your piercer to use an anesthetic spray before the procedure. In this way, you will feel just a fly bite.

Besides that, a few customers report feeling some pain from the septum clamp rather than the needle. But, It isn’t the kind of pain that can cause fear or anxiety.

Nevertheless, when your septum is pierced, you have to be ready for the tears. But don’t get us wrong, these tears are not caused by pain. This is an automatic response created by the nerves in the nose. In short, you can get a septum piercing with peace of mind, provided that you find an experienced piercing master.

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How Much Does A Septum Piercing Cost?

Today, the price of a septum piercing varies between 40 and 100 dollars. Of course, if you prefer an ultra-luxury piercing studio, these prices may increase. But, it isn’t necessary.

The amount you will pay for a septum piercing depends on factors such as how popular the piercer is, the location of the studio, and the quality of the jewelry you choose.

Don’t forget that we’re talking about your precious body here. Therefore, we always recommend choosing an experienced body modification artist and jewelry made of quality materials. So, if someone offers you a very cheap septum piercing including jewelry, it would be beneficial for you to stay away from there for healthy results.

Lastly, if you are calculating the cost, do not forget to include the care products you will use in the aftercare process after your septum is pierced.

Aftercare Process For A Septum Piercing

The aftercare process for a septum piercing isn’t much different from other types of piercings. However, it is very important for avoiding bad scenarios such as infection, and wounds.

Essentially, you can gently clean the area of your piercing with a saline solution several times a day. Also, it is beneficial to limit the contact of soap, cream, and moisturizing products with your septum piercing for a while. In addition, while your fistula (hole) is still fresh, don’t twist or flip the jewelry in your septum area as much as possible.

Besides that, it’s good to stay away from activities that increase the risk of infection, such as pools and jacuzzis for a few days. Avoid leaving your septum area wet, even if you shower. Dry your piercing with a paper towel or the cool setting on your hairdryer.

If you are careful during the aftercare period, you can reduce the healing time. Also, we highly recommend that you talk to your piercer for aftercare instructions. Maybe you can also get advice for special products like piercing aftercare spray.

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Healing Time

Everyone has a unique body and metabolism. Therefore, It isn’t possible to make an exact estimation of the healing time of a piercing. Nevertheless, we can say that the average healing time for a septum piercing is 4 months. Also, damage to the skin or mucosal surfaces will probably greatly heal between 3 and 6 months. Sometimes full recovery may take up to 1 year.

There are several factors that will affect the healing time. Adapting to aftercare instructions will speed up the healing process. In addition, it is important to avoid changing your jewelry before your piercing is fully healed. If you are careful, you can expect the pain and swelling to go away after a month.

Which Jewelry Can I Choose For Septum Piercings?

There are many jewelry options for septum piercing. You can prefer any of them from flashy septum rings to simple horseshoe barbells.

  • Circular Barbell: Circular barbells are quite popular piercing alternatives for septum piercing enthusiasts. It looks like a horseshoe. This piercing jewelry is secured with balls. It is possible to get different style options by trying different ball varieties. Also, one of the advantages of a circular barbell is that it can be hidden inside the nose with a simple movement.
  • Captive Bead Rings: If this is your first time visiting your piercer to get your septum pierced, a captive bead ring can be the perfect piece of jewelry for you. You can also add a beautiful touch by using an impressive gem instead of a standard bead.
  • Septum Clicker Hoops: If you have completed your healing process, it is time to try new something. A clicker hoop is one of the best pieces of jewelry for taking your piercing to the next level. Because this septum jewelry allows for detailed decorative designs. Also, it is easy to open and close. Thus, it is possible to insert or remove quickly.
  • Seamless Rings: They are flexible ring-shaped metal. It is necessary to separate the two ends from each other To remove this jewelry. Seamless rings can be good alternatives when it’s time to change your septum-piercing jewelry. It is suitable for decorative designs such as diamonds and crystals.

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Jewelry Materials For A Septum Piercing

Which jewelry material you will choose for your septum piercing is a very important issue. Because, jewelry made of poor-quality materials can cause unwanted reactions such as irritation, allergy, and rash. Below we shared high-quality jewelry materials that you can safely choose.

  • Stainless steel: This material is safe as well as affordable. We can say that it is frequently preferred by piercers. At the same time, stainless steel is mostly hypoallergenic. Even so, those who are allergic to nickel should avoid this material.
  • Titanium: Titanium is a safe material used in medical implants such as stainless steel. It doesn’t cause any reaction. However, it is more expensive than stainless steel and niobium. This material is very durable.
  • Niobium: If you are at high risk of developing a reaction to other metals, this material may suitable for you. It has an average price. Niobium is safe. Also, it is heavier compared with titanium.
  • Gold: Solid 14k gold is a perfect choice for piercing enthusiasts. Don’t forget that for healthy use, your gold jewelry should be at least 14 karats. Its pure and hypoallergenic nature is a beautiful gift for nose piercings.
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FAQ About Septum Piercing

What should I Consider Before Getting A Septum Piercing?

The most important thing to consider before getting your septum pierced is to find a reliable and experienced piercer. A professional body modification artist will provide many benefits such as getting your septum pierced properly, what piercing jewelry is most suitable for your anatomy, use of reliable materials, and sterilization. Also, you can get useful aftercare instructions from your piercer.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Jewelry?

We know that standard piercing jewelry is boring and you can’t wait to get a stylish and cool look. It is best to change your septum piercing jewelry when your hole is completely healed. Although it may seem a bit long, we recommend you wait for 1 year. However, if you aren’t patient enough, wait at least 4 months and discuss with your piercer whether you are suitable for a change.

What Will I Do If My Septum Piercing Gets Infected?

If you experience symptoms such as swelling, pain, itching, and redness despite regularly cleaning your septum with saline solution, you probably have an infection. If you have the slightest suspicion of an infection, first share it with your piercer. He/she can give you some advice. If your symptoms aren’t getting better day by day, you must consider getting medical help. It may be possible to overcome the infection with a topical antibiotic that your doctor will prescribe.

Do Septum Piercings Affect Breathing?

If you have a fresh septum piercing, since your nose and nostrils may swell, breathing can be restricted a little. However, this is a temporary situation under normal circumstances. Besides that, if you prefer large and extraordinary piercing jewelry, it can affect your breathing. Of course, we wouldn’t expect standard-size piercings to affect your breathing quality. Do not hesitate to consult your piercer.

The Best Septum Piercing Ideas

Septum piercings are unbelievably popular these days. If you decide to try this piercing variation, it is possible to have a different experience while adding a nice touch to your look. Take a look at the best and most modern septum piercing ideas we’ve gathered to inspire you.

Captive Bead Ring For Septum Piercings

septum piercing 1

Golden Septum Clicker With Ball Details

septum piercing 2

Stylish Septum Clicker With Gems
septum piercing 3

Triangle Septum Piercing Jewelry With Crystals

septum piercing 6

Cool Seamless Septum Ring

septum piercing 7
septum piercing 8
septum piercing 9
septum piercing 10
septum piercing 11
septum piercing 12
septum piercing 13
septum piercing 14
septum piercing 15
septum piercing 16
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septum piercing 20
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septum piercing 22
septum piercing 23
septum piercing 24
septum piercing 25
septum piercing 26
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septum piercing 33
septum piercing 34
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septum piercing 37
septum piercing 38
septum piercing 39
septum piercing 40
septum piercing 42
septum piercing 43
septum piercing 44
septum piercing 45
septum piercing 46
septum piercing 47
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