Ahoy! Although ship tattoos were common among sailors, pirates, and members of the navy in the past, today they are trendy body art ideas for many men and women. Ship ink is timeless and versatile. It can be combined with lots of nautical elements such as a compass, wave, sea animals, anchor, and ship wheel.

You have many reasons to get a ship tattoo. They are eye-catching and meaningful. Also, it is possible to choose a ship design to cover up a scar or unwanted tattoo. Because of its impressive features, we couldn’t ignore the incredible popularity of ship ink. Therefore, we have shared the newest and most modern ship tattoo ideas in our gallery. Take a quick look to get inspired. If you will conform to aftercare instructions after carving, it will be easy to have a bright and saturated tattoo. Of course, one of the key points is choosing an experienced tattoo artist.

fine line ship tattoo 1

Ship Tattoo Meaning

Sailboats are safe vehicles used to sail on unknown adventures since ancient times. Also from wild pirates to famous sea explorers, ships have been the subject of many legendary stories. One of the most famous of these stories is Odyssey, which is about a magnificent sea voyage narrated by Homer. Besides, Noah’s ark is an interesting and mystical religious story. These legends also attributed deep and rich meanings to ships at least as much as the ocean. Fortunately, you can reflect these meanings by getting a magnificent ship tattoo on your body.

Essentially, the meaning of a ship tattoo is good fortune, new beginnings, courage, and freedom. Also, it can symbolize journeys, adventures, and a troubled past. Occasionally, they were also accepted as a religious symbol because the sailing mast resembled the sign of the cross. Besides, we can say that a ship tattoo’s meaning depends on which objects it is combined with. For example, a compass accompanying the ship design can be associated with giving direction to life.

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unique ship tattoo 3

Ship Tattoo Placement

It is time to be captain of your body and turn your ship wheel through a tattoo studio for getting ink. However, you should decide which tattoo placement is suitable for you before taking action.

When it comes to ship tattoos, you have a lot of alternatives for placement. If you want a large and elaborate ship design, we recommend you prefer a large canvas such as the back or the chest. Even, waves can accompany your ship figure. Body parts such as arms, neck, and wrists are ideal for minimalist ship tattoos. Also, you can get a body suit by adding some nautical figures such as sea animals, pirates, sailors, and treasure. If you don’t want too much extravagant work, there are very stylish half-sleeve or sleeve tattoo ideas.

realistic ship tattoo 15

The Best Ship Tattoos Gallery

You can find many different ideas in our gallery, from modern single-needle and fine-line ship tattoos to vintage ship design interpretations. Of course, one of the most popular tattoo styles, Sailor Jerry (American Traditional), shouldn’t be forgotten. We have tried to gather the best and latest ship tattoos for all tastes. Pirates ships, Viking ships, shipwrecks, sailboats, and more…

1.  Iconic Viking Ship Tattoo

Sail backward and imagine brave and wild Viking seamen. Viking ship tattoos are as stylish and eye-catching as they look impressive. this tattoo design is a modern interpretation of a vintage ship. Tattooists can use a single-needle technique for this ink. Thus shadows and shades will create a realistic appearance. We can say that it is a rare body art for tattoo collectors.

viking ship tattoo 23

2.  American Traditional Ship Tattoo

This is an amazing American Traditional ship tattoo. This style is also known as Sailor Jerry. In this design, the open sea, waves, and palm trees accompany the old ship. Before getting this tattoo, we recommend that you find a tattoo parlor with experience in the American Traditional style. If you are a man or woman who likes classic and vintage tattoo styles, you can consider this beautiful tat.

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american traditional ship tattoo 16

3. Unique Realism Ship Tattoo

If you want unique and creative ship ink, we highly recommend this tattoo design. It is suitable for arms. Also, this design looks ultra-realistic. You can commemorate the Age of Sail with this sailing ship and sailor composition. However, an apprentice probably won’t be able to handle such a magnificent tattoo design. Therefore, you need a professional tattooer for carving.

creative ship tattoo 2

4. Full Sleeve Ship Tattoo

Ship designs are very suitable for full-sleeve tattoos. Also, you can match your ship figure with other marine elements such as waves, islands, and sea animals. This is black and gray ship ink. It includes a stunning sea view. Remember that good results require a good aftercare process.

sleeve ship tattoo 17

5. Modern & Creative Ship Design

This ship tattoo design is about a sea creature named Kraken attacking a ship. It’s like recreating a movie scene. In addition, we can say that this tattoo design is very impressive and noticeable. It is a highly detailed realism tattoo style. After you find an experienced tattoo artist, we believe that every single hit of the tattoo gun is worth the result.

realistic ship tattoo 4

6. Watercolor Ship Tattoo

This is an artistic and aesthetic ship tattoo idea. Watercolor design works well with ship designs. This tattoo is suitable for a forearm. We can say that it is a custom tattoo. You may not find this design in portfolios of tattoo shops.

watercolor ship tattoo 22

7. Detailed Pirate Ship Tattoo For The Back

Ship body art can sometimes becomes a masterpiece. This large pirate ship ink is quite suitable for the back. If you are a bold decision-maker and you like ship designs, this tattoo will be perfect for you. Don’t wait any longer to go on a journey through the open sea.

big ship tattoo for the back 25

8. Creative Ship Body Art For Legs

When it comes to ship tattoo designs, ship and clouds are an awesome duo. This is an imaginative and different tattoo idea. If you want a fashionable tat on your skin, you can consider this design.

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modern ship tattoo 5

9. Modern Full Sleeve Ship Tattoo Idea

This is a stylish, different, and dramatic tattoo design. If you want this kind of body art, you definitely need to find a real tattoo artist. It isn’t possible to use a stencil for this ship concept. It requires freehand work. Also, you think twice before going to the tattoo studio. Because If you regret it, the tattoo removal process may not be an option for full-sleeve tattoos.

full sleeve ship tattoo 35

10. Minimalist Ship Tattoo

Minimalist tattoo designs are very popular in recent years. Here is a small, chic, and minimal sailing boat. Even if you’re not a sailor, it’s a pretty cool tattoo for someone who wants to have a piece of the sea on their body.

small minimal ship tattoo 29

11. Fine Line Ship Tattoo On The Chest

Fine-line tattoos are widely preferred by men and women nowadays. This is a good-looking fine-line ship tattoo design. It can be placed on the chest. Of course, it is also possible to try different placements. We believe that you will get great results with a qualified tattoo machine.

single needle ship tattoo 8

12. Realistic Shipwreck Tattoo With A Shark

This isn’t a tattoo. It is wonderful artwork. This design contains a big white shark and a shipwreck in the depths of the ocean. We can say that it is a good alternative for those who like mysterious ocean images. Your tattooist can apply this design with a rotary or coil tattoo machine.

shipwreck ship tattoo 45

13. Unique Single Needle Ship Tattoo For Arms

Here is a custom ship tattoo idea that is created by the single needle technique. It looks stylish and contemporary. In this design, a female figure is used instead of a mast. Also, we can say that it is free-hand ink. Since it requires sensitive work, it would be appropriate to work with the right tattooist.

creative ship tattoo 7

illustrative ship tattoo 73

creative ship tattoo 79

single needle ship tattoo 12

latest ship tattoo 68

minimalist ship tattoo 6

ship tattoo on shoulder 36

modern ship tattoo 9

ship tattoo for legs 46

modern ship tattoo 13

ship tattoo 53

colorful ship tattoo 14
modern ship tattoo 18

american traditional ship tattoo 11

minimal ship tattoo 19
illustrative ship tattoo 20
minimalist ship tattoo 21

ship tattoo 10

ship tattoo for the ribs 34

modern ship tattoo 24

unique ship tattoo 38

modern ship tattoo 27

small minimal ship tattoo 28

creative ship tattoo 26

small minimal ship tattoo 30
modern ship tattoo 31
fine line ship tattoo 32
minimalist ship tattoo 33
latest ship tattoo 37
minimalist ship tattoo 39
ship tattoo on stomach 40
creative ship tattoo 41
ship tattoo on the back 43
new ship tattoo 44
creative ship tattoo 47
sleeve ship tattoo 48
modern ship tattoo for arms 49
single needle ship tattoo 50
ship tattoo 51
vintage ship tattoo 52
american traditional ship tattoo 54
full sleeve ship tattoo 55
vintage ship tattoo 56
american traditional ship tattoo 57
illustrative ship tattoo 67
ship tattoo for hand 69
vintage ship tattoo 70
vintage ship tattoo for arms 71
ship tattoo with compass 72 70
ship tattoo 74
ship tattoo with clouds 75
ship tattoo 76
ship tattoo 77
ship tattoo 78
hand-drawn ship tattoo 80
ship tattoo 81
ship tattoo 82
ship tattoo 83
ship tattoo 84
ship tattoo 85
modern ship tattoo 86
minimalist ship tattoo 87
colorful ship tattoo 88
ship tattoo for the back 89
unique ship tattoo 90
fine line ship tattoo 91
watercolor ship tattoo 92
colorful ship tattoo 93
ship tattoo 94
ship tattoo for fingers 95
ship tattoo for chest 96
full sleeve ship tattoo 97
ship tattoo 98
ship tattoo 99
ship tattoo 100
ship tattoo 101
ship tattoo 102
ship tattoo 103
ship tattoo 104
ship tattoo 105
ship tattoo 106
ship tattoo 107
ship tattoo 108
half sleeve ship tattoo 109
modern ship tattoo 110
viking ship tattoo 111
ship tattoo 112
ship tattoo 113
ship tattoo 114
ship tattoo 115
ship tattoo 116
ship tattoo 117
fine line ship tattoo 118
fine line ship tattoo 119
vintage ship tattoo 120
ship tattoo 121
ship tattoo 122
american traditional ship tattoo 123
ship tattoo 124
ship tattoo 125
ship tattoo 126
ship tattoo 127
ship tattoo 128
ship tattoo 129
ship tattoo 130
ship tattoo 131
ship tattoo 132
ship tattoo 133
ship tattoo 134
ship tattoo 135
ship tattoo 136
viking ship tattoo 137
minimal ship tattoo 138
ship tattoo 139
fine line ship tattoo 140
ship tattoo 141
fine line ship tattoo 142
fine line ship tattoo 143
modern ship tattoo 144
ship tattoo 145
ship tattoo 146
ship tattoo 147
ship tattoo 148
vintage ship tattoo 149
single needle ship tattoo 150
ship tattoo 151
ship tattoo 152
ship tattoo 153
ship tattoo 154
ship tattoo 155
ship tattoo 156
ship tattoo 157
ship tattoo 158
ship tattoo 159
ship tattoo with poseidon 160
minimalist ship tattoo 161
red ship tattoo 162
ship tattoo on the back 163
creative ship tattoo 164
paper ship tattoo 165
ship tattoo 166
watercolor ship tattoo 167
ship tattoo on forearm 168
ship tattoo on the chest 169
full sleeve ship tattoo 170
creative ship tattoo 171
fine line ship tattoo 172
abstract ship tattoo 173
creative ship tattoo 174
ship tattoo 175
ship tattoo 176
pirate ship tattoo 177
ship tattoo with whale 178
ship tattoo 179
pirate ship tattoo 180
ship tattoo 181
ship tattoo 182
ship tattoo 183