It seems a good idea to add a beautiful touch to your smile with a smiley piercing. Moreover, it is extremely trendy and fashionable. Although you may think it’s a little bit scary, a smiley is actually quite useful and comfortable when done right. Also, it is an opportunity to express your identity and style.

We wouldn’t be lying if we said that smiley piercing stands out amongst other oral piercings such as mouth, lip, and tongue piercings in recent years. Also, this body modification also has advantages such as ease of application, fast recovery, and low pain level. Besides that, it is possible to hide your piercing jewelry when your mouth is closed.

However, smiley piercings are unfortunately not suitable for everyone. Therefore, you should definitely consult a professional piercer about whether your oral anatomy is appropriate before you get your frenulum pierced. Don’t worry. If your frenulum isn’t suitable, your piercer will refer you to other awesome piercing variations.

In short, there are lots of things you need to know about smiley piercing. We have rounded up all answers and prepared a definitive guide. There are also inspiring smiley jewelry ideas in our gallery. Take a quick look.

What Is The Smiley Piercing?

The smiley piercing is essentially one of the oral piercings. It is called the smiley piercing because it is only visible when you smile. In this body modification variety, the frenulum is pierced. Therefore, it is also known as the frenulum piercing. Frenulum is the small flap of tissue that connects the upper lip to the upper gums. It is possible to feel this thin skin line behind your upper lip with your tongue.

Smiley piercings aren’t suitable for everybody. In cases where you have braces in your mouth or your frenulum is very thin and undefined, it may not be appropriate to do this piercing variation.

Body modification artists apply a smiley piercing easily. The process is so quick. Also, it has a fair healing time compared with cartilage piercings.

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How To Apply A Smiley Piercing?

If you visit an experienced piercer, it will only take a few minutes to pierce your frenulum and insert the jewelry. It’s that simple. Piercers usually use standard piercing needles for a smiley piercing. However, curved needles may also be preferred to facilitate the piercing process.

Before your piercer creates a hole, he or she gives you an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse your mouth. This will minimize potential infection risk. Then, the piercer lifts your upper lip up and pierces your frenulum with a piercing needle. If your pain threshold is low, you can request your piercer to spray an anesthetic for a more comfortable procedure.

After the needle has passed through your frenulum, jewelry is placed on the end of a needle with forceps and slid toward the hole. Then, the piercer finalizes the piercing process by securing the jewelry. A ball holder will be very helpful to screw beads of jewelry.

When it comes to a smiley piercing, the location of the hole is very important. If you go too far back, piercing is going to be very uncomfortable. the hole should be placed right about where the gum line is.

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Does A Smiley Piercing Hurt?

The good news is that a smiley piercing isn’t as painful as you might think. The pain level is typically lower than the pain level of cartilage piercings and higher than the pain level of other lip piercings. Also, piercing lovers report that it can hurt a little more than an earlobe piercing.

The frenulum is very thin. Also, this skin hasn’t too many nerve endings. Therefore while the piercing needle goes through the skin, you will feel a sharp and quick pain. It will be over after a deep inhale and exhale. That’s all.

Keep in mind that pain tolerance may be different for everyone. However, a smiley piercing isn’t a type of piercing to be afraid of in terms of pain. Also, If you want, it is possible to use an anesthetic spray too.

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How Much Does A Smiley Piercing Cost?

A smiley piercing costs between $30 and $100. Of course, it may also be more expensive according to your location and piercing shop preference. Note that some piercing studios charge extra for jewelry. If you prefer high-quality materials such as gold, the prices will increase accordingly.

In addition, when calculating the cost, you will need to add the aftercare product fees. Besides that, You may also want to leave a tip for the service.

Aftercare Process For A Smiley Piercing

If you have a new smiley piercing, because your mouth contains a large number of bacteria, you first need to pay attention to your general oral hygiene to prevent a possible infection. Don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly. However, you should be gentle with the piercing area. Also, it is beneficial to use mouth rinse after every meal.

The aftercare routine for your smiley piercing is so simple. It is enough to rinse your mouth with a saline solution 2-3 times a day. Also, you can also use an aftercare spray recommended by your piercer.

Besides that, it’s important to take care of your diet while you still have a fresh piercing in your mouth. It is beneficial to be careful during your meals. If you snag or irritate your piercing, this may delay the healing process. It is ideal to consume soft foods for the first few days. In addition, try to avoid spicy and acidic foods and drinks that can cause irritation.

The key is to leave your smiley piercing alone during healing. Therefore, if it isn’t necessary, try not to touch your piercing. Don’t play with the jewelry. Although it is irresistible, avoid touching your piercing with your tongue. Otherwise, you may experience undesirable situations such as irritation, rejection, and infection.

You should refrain from smoking and alcohol for a proper healing period. Also, it may be a good idea to avoid french kissing to avoid exchanging bacteria. Removing your piercing during activities such as sports will protect your teeth and gums from damage.

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Healing Time

Luckily, oral piercings heal more quickly compared with other piercing variations. The average healing time for a smiley piercing is between 4-12 weeks. If you follow aftercare instructions properly, you can achieve a fully healed piercing in a shorter time.

Mild pain and swelling may be considered normal for the first two weeks. If there are no complications, you can expect these symptoms to decrease over time.

If you experience some continuing complaints such as pain, redness, swelling, and yellow or green pus, report it to your piercer and seek medical help if needed. Because your smiley piercing may be infected.

Which Jewelry Can I Choose For Smiley Piercings?

It is usually preferred circular jewelry for smiley piercings (Lip Frenulum). You can emphasize your smile with these accessories. Your piercer will most likely use a 16 gauge circular barbell as a piece of starting jewelry. Captive bead rings are other suitable alternatives after your frenulum is pierced for the first time.

  • Circular Barbell: It is one of the very popular jewelry options for a smiley piercing. There are beads at both ends. A circular barbell can highlight your smile.
  • Captive Bead Ring: If you have a fresh piercing, this jewelry is a great choice. These hoops can be easily inserted and removed. When it’s time to change your piercing, you can enrich your look by trying captive bead rings with colored stones.
  • Seamless Ring: It is a delicate and stylish jewelry alternative. A seamless ring hasn’t beads. After your smiley piercing is fully healed, you can stand out in your style with a seamless ring with decorative ornaments.

It is also possible to customize your smiley piercing with different jewelry ideas such as a vampire-styled horseshoe barbell. Also, you can achieve unique looks by combining it with a septum piercing.

Jewelry Materials For A Smiley Piercing

Jewelry made of high-quality materials is just as important as choosing a professional body modification artist. Materials such as plastics or low-quality metals can cause undesirable consequences such as allergies, irritation, and infection. Therefore, Choose only high-quality and safe jewelry for smiley piercings, whatever the cost.

  • Titanium: It may be the best choice for smiley piercings. Because titanium is totally safe and hypoallergenic. Although it is a little more expensive than some alternatives, it is quite suitable for piercing enthusiasts with sensitive skin.
  • Surgical Stainless Steel: Implant-grade stainless steel is often considered a safe material for piercing jewelry. If you aren’t allergic to nickel, you can choose it with peace of mind. Also, it is affordable and versatile.
  • Niobium: It is safe and hypoallergenic. Also, since niobium isn’t likely to corrode, it is suitable for a smiley piercing.
  • Gold: This material is mostly used as a piercing jewelry material. However, when it comes to a smiley piercing, there may be better options. Because gold may react to saliva and change color. Seek advice for gold from a piercer you trust. If you decide to use it, it is beneficial to prefer solid 14-karat gold. Avoid gold-plated jewelry.
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Is A Smiley Piercing Suitable For Me?

If your frenulum isn’t suitable for piercing, do not be insistent. Because it may be caused uncomfortable and unwanted results. Also, oral conditions such as braches, gum diseases, and dental sealants can prevent you from getting a smiley piercing.

Besides that, some piercers have reported that smiley piercings are more likely to be rejected. Because the frenulum area is quite small, rejection may occur within a year or a few years. Of course, this isn’t certain. However, you need to consider that this piercing may always not be permanent.

You can get advice from a professional piercer to determine if you are suitable for this body modification.

FAQ About Smiley Piercing

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Jewelry?

First of all, it is beneficial to wait at least three months before changing your first jewelry. This period will give your smiley piercing a chance to greatly heal. We recommend that you get help from your piercer when changing your jewelry for the first time. If you want to change it on your own, you can follow the steps below.

  • Rinse your mouth with saline solution or salt water.
  • Wash your hands to avoid infection.
  • Gently unscrew beads of jewelry and remove your current jewelry.
  • Insert your new piercing jewelry into the hole and secure it.
  • Rinse your mouth by repeating step one.

What Risks Are Associated With A Smiley Piercing?

When it comes to smiley piercings, there are several risk factors such as infection, irritation, rejection, gum damage, and enamel damage. You can avoid these risks by choosing a reliable piercer and following aftercare instructions.

Can I Kiss With A Smiley Piercing?

We recommend that you avoid a passionate kiss during the healing period. Because it will increase the risk of irritation and infection. However, You can kiss gently when your mouth is closed.

How To Retire My Smiley Piercing?

If you regret or change your mind, it is possible to get rid of your smiley piercing. Wait for a while until your healing process is complete. If you have no patience, visit your piercer before removing your jewelry. After your jewelry is properly removed, the hole will close on its own. Of course, your wound needs some time for healing.

The Best Smiley Piercing Ideas

Don’t wait any longer to give your smile a new character. Smiley piercings offer unlimited style alternatives. There are many different options, from simple and elegant seamless rings to magnificent jewelry decorated with precious gemstones. If you need inspiration, take a look at the best and latest smiley piercing ideas we have gathered for you.

Circular Barbell For Smiley Piercings

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Captive Bead Ring

smiley piercing 27

Triangle Jewelry For Smiley Piercing

smiley piercing 7

Smiley Piercing And Septum Piercing Combination

smiley piercing 21

Seamless Ring For Smiley Piercings

smiley piercing 6

Stylish Hoop With Decorative Gemstones

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smiley piercing 2

smiley piercing 1

smiley piercing 32

smiley piercing 17

smiley piercing 19

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smiley piercing 11
smiley piercing 16

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smiley piercing 22
smiley piercing 24

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