Succubus tattoos can be your dream body art ideas. If you want an extraordinary and marginal tattoo design on your body, this demonic but impressive creature is one of the best alternatives. All you need is a skilled tattoo artist.

Succubus designs are quite popular nowadays among women and men. While they are more suitable for realism tattoo styles, they also work well with trend tattoo techniques such as fine line and single needle techniques. Before you visit a tattoo shop, we recommend you take a look at our unique and best succubus tattoo ideas gallery. We are sure to get inspired.

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Realism Succubus Tattoo Design

What Is The Succubus?

The succubus is a female demon who appears in dreams of men and seduces them with manipulation. Contrary to her ugly, evil, and scary image in the past, she is described as beautiful, voluptuous, and attractive according to modern understanding.  Lilith, mentioned in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Judaic, and Christian mythologies, is considered the mother of all succubi. Besides, a male succubus is called an incubus.

Succubi typically feature curled horns, bat wings, and rough claws. Also, they wear leather costumes. But these depictions may vary from culture to culture. Despite these demonic limbs, this supernatural creature has an irresistibly beautiful appearance with her long hair, silky skin, and curved body lines.

According to some religious beliefs, a succubus can’t have children in a natural way. Therefore, she transfers the sperm that she stole from men to women of the human race. However, babies may carry a few deformities and demonic signs. This unusual birth is a legend and mystery.

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Succubus Tattoo Meaning

Although the meaning of the succubus tattoo varies according to different cultures and beliefs, it can be associated with diabolical features such as intrigue, cunning, and manipulation. In addition, a succubus is the delegate of seduction.

Women can refer to the dark side of their souls by getting a succubus tattoo. A succubus ink is the expression of naughty and wicked attitudes and thoughts. Also, it represents sex appeal, attractiveness, and beauty. This demonic body art is a symbol of women’s control and power over men. We can say that it is a reflection of malicious and erotic energy.

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On the other hand, a succubus design can be a reminder of willpower and self-control for men. Of course, it is possible to choose it only for its impressive and remarkable appearance.

Besides, It also represents meanings such as staying strong, overcoming difficulties, and struggling.

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Succubus Tattoo On The Thigh

Succubus Tattoo Placement

You can place a succubus tattoo anywhere on your body. Because succubus designs are very versatile. While getting inked, it is possible to prefer a succubus portrait or consider a body art that includes the entire body of this mystical creature.

If you choose a large and detailed tattoo, it may be beneficial to choose a large canvas such as your back, chest, or thigh. Besides, small and minimalist designs are suitable for the neck, shoulders, and arms.

When it comes to succubus tattoos, you can try private areas on your body such as the sternum and bikini line for tattoo placement. Because succubus images can be kept a secret due to their devilish and sexual associations.

As we mention before succubi have evil nature. Therefore, If you are sure, you should go to a tattoo studio for getting a succubus tattoo. The tattoo removal process may be a nightmare in a possible regret.

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The Best Succubus Tattoos Gallery

Succubus designs are waiting for special tattoo collectors. In our gallery, you can find many different tattoo ideas, from classic tattoo art to modern interpretations. Here are the latest succubus tattoo ideas.

1. Neo-Traditional Succubus Tattoo

Succubus tattoos are very suitable for neo-traditional and American traditional tattoo styles. This is a beautiful and hot succubus design that comes from hell. It may be ideal for people who want colorful body art alternatives. Before getting a tattoo, you can search for tattoo parlors specializing in a neo-traditional style.

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2. Modern Succubus Tattoo For Feet

You can consider placing succubus ink on your feet. Here is a modern and stylish tattoo idea. We can say that it is simple but impressive. It is possible to sling this tattoo with a stencil. However, freehand work is also an option. Maybe even an apprentice can apply this tattoo design.

succubus tattoo 80

3. Fine Line Succubus Tattoo For Arms

A succubus tattoo works well with fine line technique. If you are looking for a contemporary tattoo design, we recommend you choose a fine-line tattoo. We can say that it is very popular in recent years. Of course, after you decide on your desirable succubus design, you should find an experienced tattooer.

succubus tattoo 3

4. Gothic Succubus Design On The Arm

The gothic style matches perfectly with demonic tattoo designs. This is an amazing and detailed half-sleeve succubus tattoo. Realistic and abstract elements are skillfully combined. In this composition, wings and horns enrich the succubus design. However, This sensitive work may tend to fade on time. For this reason, you should be careful during the aftercare period.

succubus tattoo 56

5. Unique Succubi Tattoo On The Back

This is a unique and creative succubus tattoo. We can say that this custom tattoo is a freehand design. Also, the delicate shadows applied with the single-needle technique add a realistic look to this artwork. If you are a woman who desires modern and stylish succubus body art, you can try this beautiful design.

succubus tattoo 1

6. Beautiful Forearm Succubus Design

If you need some inspiration to choose a modern and fashionable succubus tattoo, you are in a right place. Here is a chic and attractive succubus work. Maybe, you can’t find a similar flash tattoo in portfolios of tattoo shops. Therefore, it is beneficial to show a photo of this tattoo design to your tattoo artist.

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7. Realism Succubus Tattoo

The realism tattoo style is the ideal choice to highlight the extraordinary beauty and attractiveness of a succubus. This succubus design is enriched with leather and metallic accessories. It looks very realistic. Your tattooist should carefully inject ink into your skin for great saturation and shine.

succubus tattoo 21

8. Anime Succubus Tattoo

Here is the unique and dramatic succubus design. this custom tattoo gets inspired by an anime character. It is suitable for legs. Also, you can use this tattoo for the cover-up.

succubus tattoo 86

9. Succubus Womb Tattoo

Succubus womb tattoos are unbelievably trendy among women. They are meaningful and unique. The top of the pubic area is suitable for a womb tattoo. Also, in womb designs, it is easy to inject tattoo pigments into your skin. Therefore, it is possible for any tattoo artist to carve these designs. However, you should be careful about sterilization.

succubus womb tattoo 57

10. Stylish Succubus Tattoo For Women

A leg may be a great canvas for a succubus tattoo. This devilish design looks beautiful and charming. If you are a woman who wants a modern succubus ink, this tat can be perfect for you.

succubus tattoo 6

11. Custom Succubus Tattoo With Horns

Succubus tattoos have some specific features such as horns, bat wings, and claws. However, when these features are combined with the epic beauty of a succubus, a magnificent harmony of contrasts is revealed. This is a modern and snazzy design. You can consider your forearm to place it.

succubus tattoo 36

12. Abstract Watercolor Succubus Tattoo

Succubi aren’t always portrayed as graceful and feminine. Sometimes, tattooers design them as frightening and demonic creatures. Here is a scary and demonic succubus tattoo. If you want to starkly reflect the evil that is a part of all of us, this tattoo will be a good alternative for you. We strongly recommend this impressive watercolor tattoo design.

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