Two block haircut is one of the trendiest haircut ideas in recent years. Although people think that this style was invented by Koreans, it was actually worn by men in many periods of history. However, it is a fact that this hairstyle owes its current popularity and name to Asian culture and K-Pop (Korean Pop).

A two block haircut has a natural look. Also, it is a low-maintenance style. Besides that, it is suitable for all face shapes and works well with straight and wavy hair. If you visit a barbershop in Asia, just say you want two block haircut. But, barbers in other countries may not know this name. That’s why it’s best to show your barber a photo of the haircut you like.

We think that it is time to try a new haircut. You’ll feel like a K-Pop star with this iconic style. We share the best and latest two block haircut alternatives for you to discover which variation is right for you.

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What Is The Two Block Haircut?

Two block haircut is a specific hairstyle that contains two blocks on top of each other. Usually, while the top is left long, the sides and back are short. It is also known as bowl cut or mushroom cut. You may also hear that this hairstyle is called the K-Pop hairstyle.

In this haircut, the sides and back may have different hair lengths. The key is they should be shorter than the top. You can prefer tapered, cropped, or shaved sides. The long hair at the top can be styled in various ways.

Also, we can say that a two-block haircut is a variation of the undercut style. The difference in hair length between the sides and the crown creates a dramatic contrast and makes this haircut remarkable.

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How To Style A Two Block Haircut?

Firstly, you should grow your hair out for at least six weeks before you get a two block haircut. Thus, you can reach sufficient hair length for the crown area. Using hair conditioner and other hair care products such as quality shampoo provides you to have great results during this period.

When it comes to a two block haircut, the barber uses the clipper cut for the sides and back. You can prefer different hair lengths for your sides. Shaved sides give you a more dramatic and eye-catching look. If you like classic hairstyles, it is enough that your sides and the back are a little bit shorter than the top.

The top has a mushroom look in a traditional two-block. However, it is possible to try different styling options. Layers, textures, and volume give you a chance for getting unique styles. In addition, you can create some movement with a few hair products.

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Besides that, it may be a good idea to add a fringe or bang to your haircut. It reflects a cool and attractive image. If you choose a long variation, the hair on the top will cover a part of the sides and the back.

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The Best Two Block Haircuts Gallery

The two block haircut fashion, which started in East Asia, seems to have affected men all over the world today. This haircut is timeless and versatile. Also, it is easy to combine it with many different styles. Although this popularity, we couldn’t ignore this trend. Here are the stylish and modern two block haircut ideas.

Textured Two Block Haircut

If you want a unique and stylish two-block haircut, this may be perfect for you. In this style, the top is textured and layered. The barber can blend the hair with a texturizing shear. The sides are short compares with the top. Besides, you can add a beautiful touch by using some hair styling products.

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Two Block Haircut With Shaved Sides

Here is a modern two block haircut with a dramatic look. The hair on the top is styled by using a comb. We can say that it looks like a bowl cut. Also, this haircut is suitable for men with straight hair. There is a great contrast between the shaved sides and the long top. This amazing hairstyle which is popular among Asian men can be preferred by men all over the world.

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Classic Two Block Haircut

This is a classic two block haircut with a long bang. The fringe almost covers the forehead. There is no big difference in hair length between the sides and the top. It is clean, low maintenance, and natural hairstyle.

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 Two Block Haircut With Hair Color

Two block haircuts are suitable for hair colors and marginal looks. Especially, this hairstyle is reinterpreted by K-Pop stars. This is a challenging, stylish, and eye-catching style. The hair on the top is separated into two parts. The sides are tapered. If you want, you can enrich this image with a few piercings.

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Layered Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. You can emphasize this haircut by using different styling options such as perm. Here is a layered hairstyle for Asian men. The barber can create these beautiful layers with scissors. The sides are cropped. We highly recommend this style to men who want a fashionable, modern and chic.

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Parted Two Block Haircut

Two block haircuts are versatile and flexible. They are suitable for many styling ideas. Here is a magnificent and fancy Korean Pop hairstyle. the hair on the front is divided into two parts. Also, it may be a good idea to use hair products that provide slickness and shine.

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K- Pop Hairstyle For Asian Men

This is a well-known K-Pop hairstyle. In this haircut, the top is long. The sides and back are cut short with a hair clipper. Also, the hair on the top covers the sides. This cutting looks like a waterfall effect. You can style this hair with a hair dryer. The good thing is that it doesn’t require much effort for maintenance. You can retain your hair form by visiting your barber once a month.

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Unique Silver Two Block Haircut

This two-block haircut can be one of the first choices for men who want a stylish, impressive, and attractive haircut. The barber crops and trims the sides. The top is long enough. The hair on the top is styled in a unique way. We recommend you visit a professional barbershop for this detailed style. Lastly, you can finish this haircut by dyeing your hair silver color.

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Messy Two Block Haircut

If you like comfy styles, this natural two-block haircut is the best for you. It looks messy and disheveled. This styling reflects a cool and manly look. We believe this style will be a good alternative for all gentlemen, especially Asian men who want a sexy style.

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Combed Blonde Korean Hairstyle

Here is a neat and dapper two-block haircut idea. The hair is parted in the middle and combed. Blonde hair color brings this hairstyle a bright and clean appearance. If you are a man who loves classy and elegant hairstyles, we definitely recommend that you try i

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Two Block Haircut With Textured Fringe

Two block haircuts work well with wavy and textured hair. Here is a modern and chic hairstyle option. There is a choppy cut on the top. The barber cut hair with a thinning shear. The sides are short compared with the top. Also, the fringe adds a beautiful touch. We can say that it is a popular cut among Asian men.

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Long Two Block Haircut

If you are a man with long hair, a two-block haircut is a stylish alternative for you. You should grow your hair out for more than six weeks for this style. It can be beneficial for gents with fine hair. Because It has a stylish bang to hide sparse hair and a receding hairline. Also, there is no big difference in hair length between the sides and the top.

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Mushroom Style Asian Men Hairstyle

As we mentioned before, the two block haircut resembles a mushroom. If you have a defined bone structure, this hairstyle will more stand out. If you want a natural and healthy look, you can try to use some hair care products such as hair conditioners during the growing-out phase.
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Two Block Haircut With Asymmetrical Bang

This is a modern and tidy haircut for Asian men. There is an asymmetrical bang on the forehead. Sideburns are long. Cropped sides provide a clean and fresh look. It is suitable for casual and corporate use.

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Slick K-Pop Hairstyle For Korean Men

This is a polished and edgy two block haircut. The barber can use a razor cut for the top. The sideburns are sharpened. It is possible to take this haircut to the next level by adding some hair color. This style is suitable for men who love K-Pop hairstyles.

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Two-Colored Two Block Haircut

The popularity of two-block haircuts is increasing day by day. This is a cool and modern haircut alternative. The sides are shortened with a hair clipper. Also, your barber can determine details with a trimmer. The hair on the top is long and blonde.

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Combed Two Block Haircut

There are amazing hairstyle alternatives for Asian teens. This is a unique and cool style. The hair on the top is combed to two sides. The sides are tapered.

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Wavy Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut is actually a stylish undercut variation. Also, it perfectly matches with wavy hair In this style, the top is styled with scissors. The clipper cut is ideal for the sides. You can consider using a few hair styling products such as hairspray or wax for a slick finish.

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Cool Asian Two Block Haircut

Here is a special two block haircut. It looks cool and attractive. You can prefer an experienced hairstylist for this cutting. The barber uses hair-cutting techniques such as the point cut and the blunt cut for the top. Maintaining and managing are a little bit troublesome. However, we are sure that the results are worth any difficulties.

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Colored K-Pop Hairstyle

Light pink color may be a magnificent hair color alternative for two block styles. It looks like an anime hairstyle. Also, we highly recommend this hairstyle if you are considering a Korean Pop style.

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